@salixlucida A core belief of mine is that universal services are necessary. Anarcho-capitalism will never achieve that ― indeed, is fundamentally opposed to it.



There are certain places where a government plays an important role especially when it is not profitable in any way. But even then, a massively centralized monopolistic bureaucracy isn't always in the best place to provide "universal" service (the very nature of such bureaucracy leaves the marginalized people through the crack) in a flexible and responsive manner. I'd rather like to see a federation of a radically decentralized system owned and controlled by local residents.


For example, when I was homeless I needed to have a P.O. box so I went to USPS and applied for one, and the clerk gave me a hard time for not having a physical residential address and acceptable proofs thereof. The manager came out and publicly ridicule me in front of everyone else. They took my money anyway and didn't refund for a year.

I went to a small local business that had a private mail box and they worked with whatever I had. No prob, they've had homeless customers before.


Having said, one of the legit critiques of anarchism (ancaps or libsoc) is that it is ableist and leaves out those who can't help themselves, that regulations such as ADA and supportive services are necessary to mitigate the ableist nature of anarchism.

This is an important point.

Ancaps might argue that Universal Design principle is good for all and thus is profitable. But UD only became a thing because of ADA or equivalent social policy internationally.

@salixlucida Private parcel & other delivery services take the markets where there’s a large profit to be made, notably short routes with lots of customers. Outside those profitable markets, they either don’t provide service at all, or they hand the parcels off to USPS for delivery, at discounted commercial rates. Hence they skim the cream, privatizing profits, socializing costs, & leaving some people in the cold. So far as I can see, “libertarian/anarchist capitalists” ALWAYS do this.

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