the people who call ubuntu "noobunto" and shit on people for using it are hilarious. it's great to discourage people when they're just beginning to learn how to use linux, or to attack people who've been using ubuntu for years for no other reason than "it's popular". such a great idea haha it's so funny



Gotta give credit to Mark Shuttleworth and the Ubuntu developers for making Linux actually usable for the non-techie types.

Ubuntu was from its inception intended for general consumers who are looking for an inexpensive alternative to Windows or macOS.


When I first tried Linux back in 2003 (it was RedHat) it was pretty hard for me to get into, despite RedHat being hyped as the Linux gamechanger at the time.

I then installed Ubuntu on an old PC back in 2006, it was so much easier to use (except for getting on Wi-Fi, as it was before nm-applet being standard issue).

I've been a Linux user ever since, though I switched to LinuxMint in 2008 and then to Peppermint OS in 2010.

If not for Ubuntu probably I gave up.

@salixlucida @lynnesbian

Ubuntu is how I first got my start with Linux and open source. I liked that I was just able to flash it on a USB stick, boot from it and install it. It gave new life to a laptop that I was going to get rid of.

While I still run Ubuntu, I also have laptops running FreeBSD and OpenBSD based on what I learned with Ubuntu.

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