My father sent me this link out of nowhere, and as I'm reading the article I start thinking "wait. What? This isn't normal? I have that!" I have almost no ability to visualize images at all, but I thought it was like that for everybody.

@laemeur Interesting. I don't experience aphantasia, and when I took that survey, I found I answered the same for every scenario. I wonder if people answer differently depending on subject.

@cstanhope My answers were pretty consistent as well. The only thing that I felt differently about was when it was asking about colours. I guess I can "see" colours okay in my mind's eye, but I can barely see any shapes at all. I just have a kind of tactile/spatial sense about things.

@cstanhope @laemeur

> The term aphantasia was coined by Prof Adam Zeman, from the University of Exeter Medical School, in 2015.

That's pretty remarkable, because I first heard of aphantasia when I was listening to a podcast while bicycling to work, and I stopped working in that place in 2015, so the term must have spread very quickly after having been coined.

I thought at first that aphantasia meant you didn't have vivid enough visualization that you have afterimages you can trace, or that you might mistake for real. So at first I thought I had it, but after talking to friends about it, I realized that I know people who have actual aphantasia, and I just don't have that extreme-end phantasia. I might have below-median phantasia, but I haven't read enough about it to know where the distribution falls.
@cstanhope @laemeur Ironically enough, I can still picture several places along that bike route. 😁

It's not superimposed on my eye-vision in any way, and I imagine it as kind of a transparent-gel-looking type of image, but I can choose to "see" the color of a landmark building near my then-work from a crossing I crossed every workday, and I can "see" the grade of the slopes. It's not abstract enough that I can spin it around any way I like, I really have a remembered point of view that I "stand" at.
@cstanhope @laemeur Ok, I took the test and I'm clearly a "vague and dim", although for some things I have a clearer image. Like bananas. I eat a lot of bananas. 😀

@clacke @laemeur I judged my visualization to be moderate. It might've bumped to the next level up on occasion, but that's a tough call. Even before this, I've often wanted better visualization. Like, why can't my mind's eye be as clear as when my eyes are open?! But I had no idea that the range of experience was so different for people.

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