Oh hell yes! Devuan has Raspberry Pi 3b arm64 images @ files.roundr.devuan.org/devuan I use Devuan on my Thinkpad, and like it quite a bit.

@jynx TIL that a 64bit OS on an RPi 3b+ is just not a performant choice. This conclusion was reached while running st on ratpoison and having cd take 8 seconds. I think that I shall reserve this experiment for an RPi 4 (sometime in the future, no current plans to buy). Also, firefox ESR 60 on Devuan never successfully attached to browsh. Nothing ventured, nothing something something...

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@jynx And what is the root of this behavior? An unoptimized kernel, VESA instead of a normal video driver for X, a journaling file system on SD?


@yrabbit likely muliple of these... cueing up my collection of *install gentoo* memes... I was surprised by this behavior as well. As I need to wake up early in the morning I threw in the towel. I may give gentoo a shot on RPoP (RPi 3b) on some other day and see what I think.

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