Decided to bump the desktop up to even though the package freeze is still a few weeks away.

The upgrade went flawlessly I'm happy to say.

Live major version upgrades are one of the features that keep me using Debian. That machine's down time during the whole process was < 15 seconds. Literally the time it took me to reboot.

I performed a major version upgrade to my wife's Mac. It was unusable for > 3 hours

@adw I've personally It's like watching always enjoyed Debian a lot since I started using it years ago, granted I run Sid on my laptop though.

@gamewizard is a lot of fun. I used to run it on a laptop when I first started using Debian, but I've grown conservative in my old age.


@adw I use stable on any of my servers or stuff I have to have be stable. Nothing wrong with running stable no matter how much the people running like to convince people at times.

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