Reading The has made me think about . Poetry was once a common genre for personal expression and shared entertainment. Now poetic effort has been almost completely absorbed by the music industry in the form of song lyrics, and the music business has changed our expectations of both poetry and song to be products produced for mass consumption instead of something to be made and shared. Can poetry be revived as a genre of personal and community communication?


A poet must have
something to say.
And that is quite rare,
at least for today.
In the age of the like,
the repost, and tweet,
we have little to say,
and lots to repeat.
Poems don't fall like bolts.
They are grown and refined,
made by the strength
of a well-nourished mind.
They take patience and time
for real contemplation,
things in quite short supply
in the Internet Nation.
So poems will return
when headphones come out
and people find things
worth writing about.

Happy .

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