fun : The calculation of an ISBN-13 check digit begins with the first 12 digits of the thirteen-digit ISBN (thus excluding the check digit itself). Each digit, from left to right, is alternately multiplied by 1 or 3, then those products are summed modulo 10 to give a value ranging from 0 to 9. Subtracted from 10, that leaves a result from 1 to 10. A zero (0) replaces a ten (10), so, in all cases, a single check digit results.

slow down time.
I have written check digit routines in python. I have.
Doing payroll and social insurance numbers.
It's just something I did and verified by the canadian government.
And you understand all of that stuff.
Argue this with me: You are a warm, beautiful woman, who reads that. @lipsticksocialist sometimes says programming stuff. i don't know anymore... im really tired.


i think i hear this. many passionate are simultaneously tedious. few are not. it is those few i follow meticulously.


@cosullivan @lipsticksocialist yes, i am a bit tedious. Il est vrai. Intento mantenerme en cabeza! :-) I do try!!

@gemlog I hope you slept well, i did. I don't ,profess to understand "all of that stuff" but I needed to recognize an Intl Std Book Number to solve some puzzles yesterday and learning new things is another stimulant for me.

@cosullivan i'm fascinated with the idea of extreme yet sincere romanticization of all experiences even the most mundane &or trivial things - as in attempt to better appreciate what all this is i.e. to be alive - the entry to which i reply contains easy addition to romantic-level enjoyment of trivial fact. maths, organization, efficiency, sorting - all these things are beautiful and this information can behave as a sort of proof of such a claim. love it / love everything about it.

@nydel @cosullivan
I think some of us don't experience feelings the same way as many others do, so we try to approximate them in order to fit in?
I may be really wrong here. Sorry. Nearly 60 years old and i'm still trying to figure things out before i cash in .

@gemlog Me too. I don't demand or expect someone who isn't a librarian or archivist to care much about the ISBN system. Even acknowledgement of my trivia share is pleasant and unexpected. An appreciation of number patterns among those with accented aptitudes in math and computing bubbles up occasionally on Mastodon, and I love it. @nydel

@cosullivan @nydel I've pretty much given up on a decent way to order my hard drives, but at some point I wrote a script that will, in the blink of an eye, create a set of nested directories duplicating the library of congress system...
That proved to be too cumbersome for day to day use.

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