Laptop users, how to you get your work done?

@kelbot Very very real. They're dancing to Superman by Solder Boy. 🤣

@art I almost wish I could get rid of my desktop and use a docked laptop instead. Since external GPUs are a thing, gaming wouldn't be impeded as well.

@art Also

[x] In chair with lap desk.
Less often
[x] standing desk
[x] desk, jury-rigged dock-style system

@art I don't fit into any of those options. More like a combination of all of them minus the stallman strap (* ^ ω ^) . Also, I don't do much work at the moment.

@art I normally sit at a desk with a dock and monitor but I have been on the couch the past week

@art Usually something like this, but with my hands actually on the keyboard.

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