What resolution do you use to browse, roughly?

I'm trying to figure out appropriate pixel dimensions for Chumblhome's "StreetBlock" view. The basic idea is to have 1-2 main columns for full size posts (perhaps 540 pixel width to match tumblr), along with smaller posts (1/3 width images; 2/3 size text) and thumbnails.

Thus, it's possible to browse through a large volume of content quickly, making the experience more pleasant. I'm limiting it to two main columns because that way the user's focus can stay down the centerline.

But what resolutions do you guys typically use to browse Google Plus or other social media? For example, I mainly use:

1024 pixel wide (1024x1280 rotated monitor)
1366 pixel wide (1366x768 laptop)
1600 pixel wide (1600x900 monitor)
720 pixel wide (720x1280 smart phone)

If you don't know the resolution you're using, just an idea of rough size and rotation is good, like:

Laptop (wide)
phone (tall or wide)
tablet (tall or wide)

If you're using a tablet in "tall" rotation because it works better with single column stream view, would you rather use it in "wide" rotation if there were a two column stream view option?




> What resolution do you use to browse, roughly?

On my laptop, according to howbigismybrowser.com, the window is 1223 x 663 or 1207 x 668.

On my chromebook, the screen is 1200 x 1600 portrait and I'm usually fullscreen.

But also I often set the browser to 125%... so for example the four columns of mastodon.sdf.org are reduced to three visible and I scroll horizontally when I want to post.


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