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@zep That's odd. Aren't network cables meant to be plugged-in for...ever?

@moonman @shpuld @hakui @fl0wn I was seeing mastodon I miss my customizations on shipo.

@laemeur ahh. I think my network cable is toast from leaving it plugged in. I dunno

@jkl I am on sleep meds but I hate how they make u drugged the next day. its a crappy hangover. but I rarely can sleep without them even with productive days with exercise

@xj9 right on broski trying to figure out mastodon atm.

@Cat zeptar.live my thesis on Interplanetary Computer Worship Space Trip Alb made in UNIX.

hi.@laemur how does this link all the mastodon N quitter

@laemeur oh my im going thru a tough time.my ex is ruthlessly haunting me. but ive got good supports like myfamily that help. anxiety is thru the roof. are u surfing if so check out my zeptar website I made a space sounds album. im trying teallyhard to not spamy link but want to share. they're binaural songs.

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