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Okay, the holidays are great, but back to the stuff.
In the last days of December I started to make the GUI for the part related to chips and already now I have some questions about the decisions made in the routing process.
Like this situation when the pips CLK0, CLK1 and CLK2 are able to retrieve the clock directly from the global clock branches and yet they use the general purpose X04 pip🤔
But first I need to make the draft version of the GUI😜

by @claudiom

Funny thing, works under qemu (I don't have such old machines).

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All this Gregorian calendar junk hasn't been going so well recently. Are we about ready for Star Dates yet?

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Watching Red Dwarf season 3. Rimmer is the best.

The patient is ready!
The temple of the glasses is a little crooked, so I'll fix it.
It's a good idea to throw it away, especially since I've already bought new ones, but I don't feel like it.

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Obligatory screenshot showing a typical session of IM/F. CPU register dumps and memory dumps appear interstitially with interactively entered single-letter commands.

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It looks like mesa-dri-gallium is functioning again, I can try to compile all the installed packages.
Although experimenting three days before the New Year is not healthy😜

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Back home after spending some time with my dad. He was very happy with his gift and I was very happy to see him (that's my gift 😌). He also did give me a good amount of empanadas and turkey to take home, so there's that. 😅

Checking a few things online and then hitting the sack. Hope you all had a festive holiday today and I wish you a and . 💤

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The difference between a closed, algorithmically-curated silo like Twitter and the fediverse.

Same post.

Twitter: ~43K “followers”, 8 boosts, 58 likes
Fediverse: ~8.43K followers, 57 boosts, 106 likes

Your thousands of “followers” on Twitter mean nothing because the algorithm (i.e., Twitter, Inc.) decides who gets to hear you.


Misread of the day:

``Your millennia may vary''


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All this intercontinental moving has forced me to cut my library down a couple of times. This is currently the whole thing.

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The next dot-com bubble? 

I just saw the Radio Shack cryptocurrency thing*, and I suddenly had a flashback to the dot com bubble. I worked through that period, but I didn't help build it. I've always worked on building physical products that have to be manufactured and shipped to people. Anyway, I'm beginning to feel like there's a new bubble/scam forming, and once again I will be outside of it. Probably affected in some way, but not willingly participating in it.


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RT @RetroRyanTV
“By The Power Of Snowskull….I Have The Power!” 💀 ⚔️

``An example of uncanny valley? Well, let's say Windows with a bash shell''


A small pheasant (the other guests were larger) ducked a branch and pecked a rowan.

Clever bird: there's no way it can stand on the rib of that fence without a branch.

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GW1NSR-4C Blinky, ladies and gentlemen!

This is a new board supported by !

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