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Yes, that's my bit!
Fuzzer working cell by cell simply could not detect such a thing, only a long contemplation of letters and numbers could.

Just kidding.
Now I need to generate new bases and do a bit by bit comparison. This is going to be a long time.

I have a hunch that this lousy bit that keeps me from posting a new version of the IO subsystem encoding will clear up today😜

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I've just completed a brief high-level architecture description of the machine language monitor. And, as I'm building it, I've come to realize that I'm using the 65816's BRK instruction in a manner not unlike the Start Interpretive Execution (SIE) instruction found on IBM mainframes. This is the instruction that mainframes depend upon heavily to implement virtual machines efficiently.

I think this is kind of cool, actually. Convergent evolution in action!

The daily routine of a programmer.
The task: to teach the nightingale to sing.
0) take a woodpecker.
1) ...

Test runs take 6-8 hours, I'm already thinking about replacing Ryzen3400 with a faster modification, or adding 8G to the last free slot.

In any case tests (~20000 runs) found fluctuations in one single bit. As soon as I see what's wrong, I can check it on the hardware and post it.

The decoding of the DRIVE attribute has been tested for boards GW1N-1, GW1NS-2 and GW1N-9. This required between 530 and 2600 test compilations.

There is one more board left, GW1N-4, with which I have a complicated relationship:)
After that, I will state partial success and move on to the next attribute.

What doesn't kill us mutates and tries again😜

Comparison of 2960 binary images generated by the vendor tool and .
0 discrepancies🤪

My cheap bluetooth headphones like to save energy on pauses, which turns listening to audiobooks (not all) into a test of nerves:)
A quick search for a way to add background noise to keep them awake with ffmpeg yielded no results: you can add sound to video, you can add video to sound, you can delete sound, you can delete video.
I'll look for more later, but for now there are other things to do.

Okay, what do we have here for zero dollars. JVC P29. It picks up the cassette, rotates the head assembly, the guides pull the tape out of the cassette and... after a while the guides go back under the cassette and the tape stays in place.
A layman's guess --- the main motor(s) are dead. Otherwise it would have dragged the tape back into the cassette.

I was reading Blake Crouch - Dark Matter and came across a description of a parallel universe with a pandemic: curfew, patrols in the streets, etc. It occurred to me that the author couldn't have thought of such a detail as school buses taking children to school as usual.
I think he would have taken me for an idiot if I had advised him to add that to the text 😜

Of course I will refer to the official documentation, but I must say that I do not remember so many sloppy descriptions of the C language:)

All other bills will have to wait, but electricity --- that's sacred:)

Great news! made clock lines support for the new IDE, now it's possible to add support for the latest generations of chips!

The night after the vaccination went well, I have some doubts about the reality of the conversation with Alyson Hannigan though🤔

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I took the third shot.
¡No Pasarán! 🙂

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