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The snow is partially cleared. Perhaps I should get busy testing the new version of IO :)

Emergency awakening of the crew from anabiosis, the ship inside a black hole structure, all systems gradually fail, but the entire crew gets telekinesis and telepathy, including instantaneous downloading of information into other people's brains...

I think I'll pass. If the author needed to make the entire crew into a superhero team from the beginning, then interesting character development is somewhat unlikely.

I'll have to look for some other good sci-fi to listen to🤔

``Tuna mercury levels. These might manifest as itching, burning, or even a sensation that small insects are crawling under one’s skin, as well as more visible symptoms like pink cheeks and swelling in certain parts of the body. In more serious cases, mercury poisoning can cause high blood pressure, low cognitive function, blindness, and lung and kidney dysfunction. For pregnant, the dangers can be even more acute''

That's bullshit! All the doctors say you can eat six cans of tuna a day!🙂

a pheasant came to visit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to feed it: everything I pour will be eaten by sparrows and magpies.

``All gatherings of more than six people who do not live in the same household have also been prohibited during the 90-day state of emergency.
Walking the dog is only allowed near the house''

Oh, yeah, the schools work as usual.

''The first two corona patients will be moved to Germany on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, a special ambulance departed from the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland in Rotterdam for Bochum in Germany.
The eastern neighbors have room for a total of twenty corona patients. ''

Just get the damn shot, you morons! Then you can go around protesting, scandalizing, and breaking curfew.

Gee, I did switch to a new version of dports (), it took a surgical intervention in mesa-dri-gallium because I need non-stuttering video under mpv😜

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rust is dead. Mozilla laid off the whole team in the last year, and now apparently the core team has made themselves dictators for life, and there is likely further abuse that they've tried to make themselves immune from. you'd honestly be bananas to write anything in rust at this point, no matter how much you like the language.

Gee! It's hard to tell anything definite from this mishmash, but I see the spoon is there! 😀

This is a debug print + exploring vendor tables for the OPEN_DRAIN parameter of I/O blocks encoding.

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I've dabbled with before but was kind of put off by the cult of ohmyzsh a bit and all of it's magic. stock zsh with some tweaks is how I'm starting out. loving it so far!

``Meson is an open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and, even more importantly, as user friendly as possible.

The main design point of Meson is that every moment a developer spends writing or debugging build definitions is a second wasted.''

The second 24 hours of trying to figure out what the does not like in this line. Let's continue... :)

P.S. You know, there is a thing called "make" and it can compile projects:)

Water cannons, in winter, in an open field with no shelter or warmth...
Why not just use machine guns, or do bullets cost money?

The Council of Europe for Human Rights you say? No surprises here: a) It's all Russia's fault, b) See above.

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The National Bank of Poland has announced the issuance of a new coin commemorating the "defense" of the country's eastern border.

Applause. The coin design should include the inscription: "from unarmed women, children, and journalists.

And don't stop there --- a medal "For heroism in pouring water on pregnant women in sub-zero temperatures" should be issued.

You are the cream of humanity.

What goes on in their heads, I wonder?
"I hate users and I have a shitload of free time, so let's replace a couple of cons that nobody gives a shit about and break compilation." ?

``As you know, dragons do not exist. However this primitive statement can not satisfy a scientist. Cerebron, attacking the problem with the methods of the exact sciences, established that there are three types of dragons: null, imaginary, and negative.
All of them, it was said, do not exist, but each type in its own special way. The imaginary and null dragons, called in professional parlance as imagons and nullgons, do not exist in a much less interesting way than the negative ones.'' Lem 😀

Great! I take the data for programming IOBUF () directly from the vendor tables.
My only consolation is that I can write worse😜

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Remember, folks, all operating systems SUCK. All of them.

Even things as great as suck. Don't get me started on Linux, please.

Windows does not suck, of course. Windows is a dumpster fire.

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