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Well, the butternuts are ripening again, for me the nutritional value tends to zero because of the inconvenient peeling nuts, but the trees strengthen the soil and protect against dust:)

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#Programming paved my way into English, so I never noticed how unnatural "if … then … else …" sounds. But Eric Fischer did, and found out where the "else" came from: What a fascinating dive into history!

Sometimes I watch the occasional lecture. In this one ``creative'' is contrasted with ``conscientiuos''. Somewhere around minute 47 gives advice on how to do creation:)

A courier arrived with the order. An erasable, reusable notebook. Handy stuff.

I'm going to pick cherries before the damn chipmunks pick them for me;)

A little context: my joy is not in finding what lines to write in the constraints file, but in making changes to the free FPGA toolkit to ( and ) make it take those lines into account at all:)
Now all that's left is to find what I broke in the process:)

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Gee! I got the pull-up resistors disabled with a line in the constraints file.

You see, this by default turn the pull-up resistors on (first pic), so the two completely black segments in the second picture are a breakthrough!

Ofc I broke the rest of the logic because I didn't want to lit the other segments, but it's a mundane thing, I'll fix it:) (I hope)

IO_LOC "o_led[0]" 18; // B
IO_LOC "o_led[1]" 17; // K

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Apicula community is awesome! designed the board and added support to Apicula for it. The ARM core in this baby isn't supported yet but it's a great start.

Yeah, whatever, I'm starting to think that life is too short for this kind of crap.🙂

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A month was long enough for this. Not too bad for my first attempt at woodworking; one leg isn't quite aligning.

Just need two tops after screwing the top into the legs.

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Article headline: "Facebook Tests Prompts That Ask Users If They're Worried a Friend is 'Becoming an Extremist'"

I'm more worried about the idea of any friends *still using* Facebook

``With GUI! (But still works well with Makefiles.)'' --- Boo! It has to be: ``Ideal for use in Makefiles and will always be so (optional GUI)!''😉

Thought to self: it is useless to ask to specify the bit width of integer variables (uint8_t etc) people brought up on ``auto xyz = std::'' 😜

They did make it! Black and blue tomatoes!
My apologies to the unfamiliar Chinese comrade, whom I swore at for three years for the seeds that only turned out the usual red ones:)

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Göktuğ's #vim #tips you didn't expect that did you?

When installing linux, I use recipes stored in a markdown file to quickly go through the process. Each command is on a line like this

# the command

I run these commands from within vim itself. In order to ease that process, first thing, I bind ,y as follows:

:nmap ,y 02wy$:!<C-r>"

This binds ,y such that, wherever you are on the line, it inserts the command on that line into the vim command line, preceded by !, and when you hit Return, it will be run in a subshell within vim.

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