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An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.
--- Niels Bohr

Hmm, I think this is a refurbished board: something happened to the previous three capacitors...

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The Centauri Republic.
Leader: Emperor(?)

It just came to my mind, although the last time I watched this series is eons ago🙂

What we do not understand we do not possess.
--- Goethe

``I believe that this HSM^1 represents quite faithfully the behavior of the pedestrian crossing in front of the midtown shopping center on Middlefield Road in Palo Alto.
I have tested the crossing several times (the drivers sure loved me for it) and have determined that it operates as follows'' 🤣

1: Hierarchical State Machine

The publication caught my eye, I can't help myself, I must read this😁

To be honest, I didn’t hope that these guys would dare to switch to a normal version control system during my lifetime🤣
Of course, the justification for choosing a github for hosting is another question, but I don't expect everything right away.

My math turned out to be a mistake, in fact, everything is calculated much simpler🙂
I must say that a combination of free Qucs-s and ngspice works really well.

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Now that I've learned how to calculate such circuits, it is time to find a circuit simulator and test my calculations against the behavior of the circuit.
Unfortunately, the real circuit cannot confirm / disprove my calculations due to all sorts of variations in parameters: from the gain of the transistor to the poor contact of the circuit board.🙂


This is not the last mistake even on this page, and I would definitely inform the authors if it were not for the requirements to register with filling out a detailed questionnaire about my interests.
C'mon, you're not a bank after all, just use my mastodon Id 🤣

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2020 is some kind of fatal year for my hard drives, in fact, all Western Digitals have died and I have only SSD drives left to work.
Next month I'll probably buy Toshiba just in protest🤣

Oh yes, while I have a soldering iron at hand, I need to finish that simple fan speed regulator calculations and solder it🙂

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No smoke, everything is assembled and working. I can go back to the TCP:)

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Forking shirt! In a kind of clouding of my mind, I decided that the holes should be 0.8mm and now modules with square pins are not installed on the board. I will have to expand the holes manually.😐

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Although I have already promised not to make PCBs, but when only one is needed and I am reluctant to wait...:)

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Oh-my-zsh with auto-suggestions and syntax highlighting (gist: quick installation instructions)

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