Hmm... the picture on the screen starts to differ from what's actually going on inside the chip. I don't like that.
I'll take care of the I/O blocks for now, and then I'll come back to the clock.

Great! We have clock lines!
This was a tricky piece if only because the GB50 wire (and company) are not used on any net and thus it is always inactive, but I highlight depending on the status of the other wires 😜

Okay, maybe it's not the best course because I don't see a way to get null here as the author shows.

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So I added the clock lines in the GUI, I didn't like them so I'll redo everything tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll watch a three-hour Javascript course🙂

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The tiltwheel is going well!! I need to do some more long prints of the enclosures at each end, this time with ribs to prevent bending. The one I did already cracked along one side much more easily than I had hoped. #tinkering

Displaying the connection of the 4 global clock taps to the branches. WIP.

gee, the global lines are done. What's left is clock lines, a couple of the MUX things, and I/O pins.
I don't know what it is, but I already have a feeling it's not a barrel of honey🙂
Which is logical in general: if you can not afford an exact number comparison, then you will have a huge hassle with special constants like zero or empty or NULL as in C.
And was it worth it to give up the word "integer"? 😉

I need to somehow overcome the huge block in my brain that manifests itself in my aversion to programming languages whose type system begins with "all numbers are floating point numbers.
My brother has decided to take up Javascript and I need to learn a few things so I can keep the conversation going.

Backup day (for me, weekly) so I can distract myself and reflect on stuff.
The NVME2.0 spec legitimizes the key-value mechanism as an alternative to the block structure. That is, no level of transcoding and mimicking the blocks of the old HDDs. Atomic writing of a key-value pair.
And... I'll never trust such a device with anything important: block devices in OSes are as shiny as a cat's balls, but this new thing can fail at any moment😜

also in a month I will get a 120 MHz oscilloscope and the process of investigating I/O logic and PLL will be much easier. (although I highly doubt that there will be an honest 120MHz, but 70-90 can be counted on).

The new GW1NR-9 board arrived, courtesy of @pepijndevos !!!
This version is out of the box, flashing the LEDs happily:) I expect February to be very interesting:)

I say Feb because that month the priority is GUI and I basically can't get out of the zone and multitask.

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@elb I think a lot of people feel this way, and yeah, it think it largely comes down to Microsoft's approach to software: implement all the features that your customers might want with no over-arching design or philosophy; just tick the boxes. Looks good on a marketing brochure, feels totally uninspiring to use.

Made almost all the vertical wires: 1, 2, 4, 8 hops. I left room for the clock lines and am moving on to the horizontal ones.

You know what would help? Shutting down those fucking schools in the beginning, not when our asses are on fire and all the teachers are sick!
But I don't think I care anymore: I bet these morons will open the schools the very first thing because it's not like we've been living in a pandemic for years and suddenly this time will be different.

Two cartridges for DeskJet 2050a cost more than the printer itself, and besides, the crap tends to dry out by the time I need to print something urgently. Not often, once a month or so.
I'm thinking about looking at laser printers. It's scary that there's another idiocy --- chips in printers and cartridges. Why can't they just sell a serviceable product?

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Some people were wondering about the fate of Just in case anyone has missed it, DZ's twitter account just posted the following update (with context):

Jan 16:
we're having a network outage here and diode zone is not connected to the internet; no ETA yet

Jan 16:
this could be a long outage unfortunately, all indications are that the problem is outdoors and localized, no service appointments until tuesday

Jan 18:
root cause identified: squirrel

Jan 18:
and we are back online, thanks for your patience everyone! there was a squirrel-chewed fiber up on the utility pole here affecting multiple buildings, techs were able to route around it this morning.

Now I admire artists, and for some reason I fear that this magic will disappear if I learn to paint myself🙂

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