And the heating part? Bi-metal something? Vulkan?

@defrisselle Extruder with one gear... mmm, no, change right away:)
Just kidding.

Aha! Some things I already recognize: Winsinn fans (hopefully RGB - regular ones don't test as thoroughly anymore), Capricorn tube - and want and fear: with my crappy filament, the diameter varies so much that it might just get stuck in such a quality tube :)

The process of extruding the pattern on the walls is in full swing.
Let's see what comes out of the printer:)

@s0 I'm just trying to find the reason why the pattern of this flower protrudes from the back side of the wall, although the width of the wall is 3 mm, and the depth of the flower is 1.6 mm.
My first hypothesis was that the Y-axis has a backlash and something needs to be done with its belt:)

It remains to be seen how tighten the belts. Phrases like "not too strong and not too weak" are just a bunch of empty words for a beginner :)


@art The latter can hardly be the reason --- I don't install any apps on my phone at all because of paranoia and no Twitter ban.

Test print. As I found out with a pocket depth of 1.6 mm, you don't have to worry about the angle of overhang or anything else: they don't even sag as unsupported elements.
So the boxes will be beautiful now. The drawing is not mine btw, I can't draw:)

No matter what anyone says, this is a stylized image of a spool of thread:)
But my artistic ability aside, I'm surprised the printer was able to print those slanted things at the bottom, there's an angle of about 26 degrees!

Retract distance towers.
No difference, the tiny thread on the gray tower on the third level probably doesn't count.
I think it's a luck and I'll leave this setting:)

The rest of yesterday's harvest. Rains make the berries sour, in addition, it's raining again today, so I'm unlikely to harvest.
Seriously thinking about growing rice or mushrooms in this weather:)

So fluffy! How do cats chill? Do they stick out their tongue or do they have normal sweat glands?

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@yrabbit personally I call “percussive maintenance” instead “quantum superposition collapse”. It either fixes it better or breaks it properly, no more intermittent issues!

Newbie (no kicking!): In these places, the filament does not adhere to the bed and protrudes upwards because when you printed the openers, you have already plowed the surface of the bed with the nozzle.
You can even see it on the top right side of the bed. You must have scratched it up pretty good.

the difference between a problem and a mystery: the hanging thing between the posts is a problem, here it is clear that you need to do this and that and the problem will be solved. stuck in the process of trying prime numbers on number 2 --- it's a mystery, no idea what and how to do to correct the situation and what is the cause:)

Speaking of energy efficiency, my dryer looks something like ... :)

So what do we have?
The box is strong, even too strong. I think the 3mm walls are too much.
Three of the outer sides are smooth and beautiful, the fourth has a defect. There are more things on the inner walls.
No correlation of defects with X, Y and Z positions. Two hypotheses so far: crappy filament and slippage in the extruder.

I tightened the extruder gears a bit and immediately regretted it: I should have replaced the filament and tried without tweaking the other pieces.

While I was waiting for my box to be printed, I rooted the clock through the global wires:)
The code is a terror that flaps in the night, but it works and the lights flash.
One more step to picture over HDMI :)

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