@yuki Well, there is an HDMI connector on this board and it also has an ARMCortex-M3 processor :)

For fun, of course:)
It is this board apparently conceived as a smart camera with image processing on the fly, in my case first there will be experiments with HDMI display, which is gathering dust in my drawer.
Memory in this thing is not enough, but I wonder if it is possible to make a vector display? hhmmhm...
No, no, don't get distracted, I need to work with wide LUTs first:)

Gee, great stuff has arrived!
I can't do it yet: I need to improve the free software for working with these s :)


@ND3JR @ParadeGrotesque
btrfs on SSD?
Have you thought about using something special for SSDs like F2FS? Like special attention to even wear and tear and stuff like that.

Again, I'm not really into linux:)

@ParadeGrotesque @ND3JR
"For ever" is a good point:) What is it now, thirty years old?
I myself put XFS on any auxiliary Linux machine (the main machines are with Hammer2 FS😜 )

As they say: ``The journey of 1,000 steps begins with getting off your ass from the couch.''😉

It is quite fun to look for those wires that cannot be manipulated and therefore cannot be detected by comparing the two binary images:)


Themes are broken on purpose, if it were not so, all the idiots would have been fired in the past nine years. :)

``2012-12-29 at 17:05
I agree that the gnome developer’s attitude completely sucks. Malys has been creating some kick-ass GTK3 themes, and now he’s going to have to go back and update about 10 themes because they are all broken in 3.6. It’s ridiculous to make updates to a framework with no regard for compatibility.''

`` GNOMie • Apr 19 '21
Any GNOME 40 ready themes?''

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@cstanhope @vertigo it’s very ironic to me, because I first learned Python because it was the one language that was installed on almost any machine I touched so my programs would run anywhere (this was early 2.x days).

Now I can’t count on something running on two computers running the same version of the same operating system without resorting to venv.

It’s kind of souring me to the language, along with each version breaking things or just adding superfluous features that should just be additional modules.

Wow! 20 years! I don't often come across such ancient forums.
Ah, yes --- still can't rotate figures, 20 years later :)

Such things are done when you love your job, which is not easy because the task of effective managers is to squeeze all the juice out of you:)

Yeah, there turns out to be some obscure request for repeats, but I do not have time to see it because pressing the up button in this dialog ends the scrollback🙂
Still don't see where I could activate such a weird mechanism.


So you can hold a key up as long as you want and it won't come out of scrollback mode?
Could it be that I messed up somewhere in the config...

I really hate it.
Clearly, it took effort to keep track of the time I pressed the up key and after a few seconds it threw me out of history mode.
But why?! I just want to keep browsing, I have 20,000 more lines to browse and it only takes one thing --- to work out the Up key without any idiocy.

Does anyone know how to disallow this artificial intelligence?

tfw you pay for your order, and the next day the store announces a sale with discounts.

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