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Great news! made clock lines support for the new IDE, now it's possible to add support for the latest generations of chips!

``Tuna mercury levels. These might manifest as itching, burning, or even a sensation that small insects are crawling under one’s skin, as well as more visible symptoms like pink cheeks and swelling in certain parts of the body. In more serious cases, mercury poisoning can cause high blood pressure, low cognitive function, blindness, and lung and kidney dysfunction. For pregnant, the dangers can be even more acute''

That's bullshit! All the doctors say you can eat six cans of tuna a day!🙂

a pheasant came to visit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to feed it: everything I pour will be eaten by sparrows and magpies.

Gee! It's hard to tell anything definite from this mishmash, but I see the spoon is there! 😀

This is a debug print + exploring vendor tables for the OPEN_DRAIN parameter of I/O blocks encoding.

``Meson is an open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and, even more importantly, as user friendly as possible.

The main design point of Meson is that every moment a developer spends writing or debugging build definitions is a second wasted.''

The second 24 hours of trying to figure out what the does not like in this line. Let's continue... :)

P.S. You know, there is a thing called "make" and it can compile projects:)

What goes on in their heads, I wonder?
"I hate users and I have a shitload of free time, so let's replace a couple of cons that nobody gives a shit about and break compilation." ?

Great! I take the data for programming IOBUF () directly from the vendor tables.
My only consolation is that I can write worse😜

I enjoy the sound of a hard drive running. Don't get me wrong: getting pleasure from the hum of the main spindle is of course a marasmus, but the sound of the heads is another matter.
It's akin to the aesthetics of a watch with open guts:)

The board from arrived, this thing is huge! 😜 Unfortunately, the factory didn't even flash the blinky into it:(


Letters and numbers. These two pieces look suspicious:)

Backup Day. I don't dare to play with since the usb subsystem is very sensitive so I will wait until the copying is finished. But nobody forbid me to shoot down some flying saucers in classic UFO2 :)

OMG, I never expected that the sound of the head moving from track to track would bring back such vivid memories of my college years a hundred years ago!
Even beautiful boxes of floppy disks (10 + 1!) come to mind :)

First run of all parts of the free toolchain for with ALU support. There were changes in (formal:) ), , .
My favorite example (shift) works on hw, I don't attach video, you've seen it a hundred times already.
But it's not worth releasing it into the wild while I see its weaknesses:)

Progress! I learned how to detect the setting the carry to one.

I decode binary images for and it's kind of a big deal because there is no CIN port and you can't just connect a fast carry line to VCC. So there's a whole machine involved that needs to be recognized :)

Morning. So one of these wires is extra, the task is to find it😜

I switched to as my primary search engine a long time ago and it's quite good. But there is one thing that pisses me off: it calls up different search engines to search, but as soon as one of them doesn't respond, nothing comes back AT ALL!
And for some fucking reason they don't fix the fucking thing. A conspiracy, no otherwise.

Gee! These zeros and ones:) After a long look, I finally figured out what was inside that circle:)

What are you talking about?! Of course, any typeface must have zeros crossed out, otherwise how can you tell it from an O 😉

#fpga stuff 

So what happens here: the rightmost dark LED indicates that an incoming carry equal to 1 is formed, the vertical LED in the middle is the adder result and the leftmost slanted LED is the outgoing carry equal to 1.
The buttons on my at rest output 1, so at the beginning 1 + 1 + cin = 1 + cout as shown. Then I start pushing the buttons individually, it turns out:
1 + 0 + cin = 0 + cout or 0 + 1 + cin = 0 + cout

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