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Check on the same bitstream (with different IO standards and combined different-type blocks in the same tile).
The extra input blocks disappeared, and this was not the goal, it turned out to be an unexpected side effect of the new bitfields storage structure.
This is a good thing😉

ugh, the open collector flag turned out to be tied to I/O mode:(
If you speculate, it makes sense: other transistors must be used for a different voltage and hence switching to open collector mode is done by setting other bits.
I think that now I will check all flags at all possible I/O modes, it will significantly increase the time of base building, but at least I will be sure.

Two buffers of different nature combined in one tile are recognized correctly!
This is fine. Although if just published the format of its bitstream...
# fpga

Cute little display, this one with RGB and a different interface. It will still be second after the b/w OLED because I probably don't have enough memory for a full screen color picture.

Gee, IOBs are recognized correctly regardless of the I/O standard! (A bunch of inputs on the left doesn't bother me yet) 😜

I have a couple more ideas about decoding images, maybe even shorten the base generation time.

Gee, the new version of FPGA cell bit representation correctly recognized almost all kinds of I/O primitives (except TBUF)!
The old version also did this, but it was immediately wrong when I/O mode was changed to something other than the default and could not be cured.
I hope the new one will be more flexible.

So, the three-state buffers look good, let's do some diagnostics in the packer, and then I feel there will be some serious changes to the vendor bitstream unpacker.
(The video has nothing to do with the 3 state buffers, it's just a tease😜 )

I have an hour while the chip base is being assembled, time to take a walk with Alien. Although I haven't seen it in a long time, the nasty androids have literally shaken the life out of me.

I can't believe that gowin_unpack finally recognizes IOBUF and TBUF. Time to celebrate🍾

when that shit finally came on! :)
It's still wrong, but the buffers are connected to the pins! (yes, that joy is almost impossible to convey)

I'm also tripping over all the time: ``The all() function is an inbuilt function in Python which returns true if all the elements of a given iterable( List, Dictionary, Tuple, set, etc) are True else it returns False. It also returns False if the iterable object is empty.''

Space stations, lasers, robots --- the game designers did a good job, whether it was Prey or Alien:Isolation. But I have one small note: put down the keyboard, go to the nearest hardware store and buy the most common flashlight that runs on the smallest fucking AAA batteries for 48 hours and stop poking me in the face with that battery indicator!

An unexpected quandary: I now don't know when they are considered ripe, while the best guess is that the greens will disappear.

Gee, no differences detected!
Now I would have to deal with the corner elements, if it were not for the heat outside the window🙂

disgruntled user's point of view 

I must be missing something here after all. I'd like to mark this video as a favorite, but I'm just not ready to make accounts on every instance.
And as an incompetent grumble: search, search, and search again, global. Every instance stores the video(!) after all can't it store, update and respond to queries on a small part of the global index?
But then again, I don't understand any of this:)

The most exciting things happen on a screen with only a mishmash of letters and numbers:)

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