Made almost all the vertical wires: 1, 2, 4, 8 hops. I left room for the clock lines and am moving on to the horizontal ones.

After adding another wire, everything exploded with a terrible rumble😕
Either the BSS and RO_DATA sections overflowed, or the constructors take so long that Qt's thread switching manages to work.
I'm thinking of going back and redoing everything to simple C structures😉


Added a bunch of vertical global wires. Some of them are wrapped correctly on the edge of the chip, but I won't finish the last 24 today 🙂

Well, I managed to do both🙂

The first truly global wires (S100 -> S101)

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Those who have read ``Qualityland'' (MARC-UWE KLING) will appreciate the depth of irony😜
This page is an example of the kind of crap the Internet has become.

The usual grumbling: when attempting to literally follow instructions, the newcomer is in for a surprise.

Great. I did all the wiring inside the cell, lots of it, but it pales in comparison to the global trunks:)

Okay, the holidays are great, but back to the stuff.
In the last days of December I started to make the GUI for the part related to chips and already now I have some questions about the decisions made in the routing process.
Like this situation when the pips CLK0, CLK1 and CLK2 are able to retrieve the clock directly from the global clock branches and yet they use the general purpose X04 pip🤔
But first I need to make the draft version of the GUI😜

by @claudiom

Funny thing, works under qemu (I don't have such old machines).

The patient is ready!
The temple of the glasses is a little crooked, so I'll fix it.
It's a good idea to throw it away, especially since I've already bought new ones, but I don't feel like it.

A small pheasant (the other guests were larger) ducked a branch and pecked a rowan.

Clever bird: there's no way it can stand on the rib of that fence without a branch.

GW1NSR-4C Blinky, ladies and gentlemen!

This is a new board supported by !

Yes, that's my bit!
Fuzzer working cell by cell simply could not detect such a thing, only a long contemplation of letters and numbers could.

Just kidding.
Now I need to generate new bases and do a bit by bit comparison. This is going to be a long time.

Comparison of 2960 binary images generated by the vendor tool and .
0 discrepancies🤪

Okay, what do we have here for zero dollars. JVC P29. It picks up the cassette, rotates the head assembly, the guides pull the tape out of the cassette and... after a while the guides go back under the cassette and the tape stays in place.
A layman's guess --- the main motor(s) are dead. Otherwise it would have dragged the tape back into the cassette.

Of course I will refer to the official documentation, but I must say that I do not remember so many sloppy descriptions of the C language:)

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