No matter what anyone says, this is a stylized image of a spool of thread:)
But my artistic ability aside, I'm surprised the printer was able to print those slanted things at the bottom, there's an angle of about 26 degrees!

Retract distance towers.
No difference, the tiny thread on the gray tower on the third level probably doesn't count.
I think it's a luck and I'll leave this setting:)

The rest of yesterday's harvest. Rains make the berries sour, in addition, it's raining again today, so I'm unlikely to harvest.
Seriously thinking about growing rice or mushrooms in this weather:)

the difference between a problem and a mystery: the hanging thing between the posts is a problem, here it is clear that you need to do this and that and the problem will be solved. stuck in the process of trying prime numbers on number 2 --- it's a mystery, no idea what and how to do to correct the situation and what is the cause:)

So what do we have?
The box is strong, even too strong. I think the 3mm walls are too much.
Three of the outer sides are smooth and beautiful, the fourth has a defect. There are more things on the inner walls.
No correlation of defects with X, Y and Z positions. Two hypotheses so far: crappy filament and slippage in the extruder.

I tightened the extruder gears a bit and immediately regretted it: I should have replaced the filament and tried without tweaking the other pieces.

While I was waiting for my box to be printed, I rooted the clock through the global wires:)
The code is a terror that flaps in the night, but it works and the lights flash.
One more step to picture over HDMI :)

It's the bottom of a big box (there will be an internal structure, so it's not a boring box), but staring at it, I figured that at 0.16-0.2mm thickness, this thing would easily serve as a flexible mouse pad.
Of course the bottommost side is preferable as a working surface, so I'll have to get transparent filament for the pattern and stuff. And for sure someone on the net already printed mouse pads.😜

I think that as a beginner should wait with all sorts of improvements as hardware and configurations, it is better to print a lot of small things, feel the machine and the process, to rattle it.
But there is one thing to fix right away, it was clear even to a dummy like me - X-axis tensioner screw can not be tightened all the way, it is sunk into something, apparently it is too long.

Now it's time to check the entire surface of the table and about 4-5 centimeters high.
I must note that although I am thrilled with this cheap printer (~$179) some things I noticed immediately and fixed some: the X-axis belt shifts and needs a washer to fix it, the native extruder is flimsy and the fans are very low quality.

Just nice:)
format a long line into a paragraph, and if the line is a comment, format it accordingly.

Dianthus barbatus L

It's not the last stage yet, the real flowers are ahead:)

Lessons learned: a perfectly flat base is bad for real walls, PLA with 30% fill is very strong, even supports are strong, feed calibration for new filament required, time estimates lie.

Continuation of the story: in progress, so far so good. Except I got gray plastic instead of blue:)

hmm, somewhere in here among the letters and numbers I don't like...🤔

And it's not that 's syntax highlighting gives up after 3000 characters in a line 😜

My old book SONY PRS-T1. It was discontinued in 2012. The internal flash died about 6 years ago. But today I read that there are three unmarked points inside for UART and chances are I can look at the logs and decide what can be done.
Maybe switch the boot device.

Although the practicality of this thing leaves questions, the experience and fun of experimenting with the -> -> chain is priceless.
Just think: the diameter of these fibers is 0.4 mm and I was surprised how precisely this thing prints both the outside and the inside of the pipe:)

The 3d printer allowed me to play with things I couldn't have imagined with --- this curved inner tube made with 's "Subtractive pipe" for example😜

The accuracy of these 3d printers is amazing, especially after leveling the table!
This tip is 5 mm in diameter and with the internal infra-structure for the light fiber came out just fine.
Oh yes - don't forget to wipe the table with vodka before printing😜

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