It worked, although there were enough curses in the process 🤣

``The m suffix means specifically a "pymalloc" build of Python, and it may mean that the ABI of 3.7 on your platform is not the same as the ABI of 3.7m. Extension modules must be built for the specific ABI in question. This means that 3.7 extension modules won't work with 3.7m and vice-versa.''
Sigh. I felt that it would not be easy.
I have not yet internally accepted the blatant in my opinion incompatibility 2.7 and 3.5, but here they have already come up with some letter modifiers :(

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The day has begun. The Acer c720 laptop battery dying after 7 years.
I think I'll wait with ordering a new one until warm temperatures outside the window, otherwise it will freeze on the way :)

BTW, the original source is very simple and easy to read😉

Statecharts: a visual formalism for complex systems. Daivd Harel. 1984

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okay, stop reading all sorts of nonsense, back to my state machines. It looks like I still have to implement a FSM in a FSM or parallel states, but I didn't want to.

Why can't you just keep making the old proven 200K model?
Cougar's latest creation is some kind of nightmare! It feels like the designer had brain surgery after the 200k, like a lobotomy.

Vantar AX

Anyone else sees names ( unrelated to the server?
I fear that the new version of the library has become even worse :(

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

Excellent! The state machine compiles and runs on , now it's time to carefully check all transitions between states :)

Today, while I was looking for a datasheet for this power supply, I came across a complaint from a dude who burned his arduino by sticking it into this usb. At that moment, I realized that I could not go to the testers --- I would not even dream of using this usb socket as an outlet, even knowing that according to the schematic diagram that it was completely legal🙂

All the necessary infrastructure to experiment with the is up and running, so the Void Linux it is! Sorry, 😀

So, sir, it remains to check that all transitions work correctly and then I need to start porting to 😉

I must admit that creating a DSL using only the C preprocessor is the terror that flaps in the night🙂

And all that is missing is the little thing: creating macros inside macros ( inside ). That would be enough for me.

Yes, I know that this is a perversion, but believe me that it will not work to install this heatsink and not damage the R68 :)

Log per night:
block return log quick from <bruteforce> to any [Packets: 468158 Bytes: 27967670]
But the bruteforce protection mechanism does not work well against a coordinated attack from multiple IPs, which is why I am convinced that there should be no login/password authorization even with a channel wrapped in TLS, which is why I tried so hard to add authorization only by certificate to the email. No success so far.

Yippee! Snow is falling, which means the soil will not freeze this year, otherwise I have already begun to grieve about my raspberries and strawberries🙂

A little more, a little more, and I can return to my state machines and FPGAs :)

Authorization by certificate should not be such a pain in the ass, after all, passwordless SSH sessions are done in just a minute, in the case of email, we have a continuous heap of half-working authorization mechanisms.

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