I'm quickly coming to the opinion that, if you're doing deep-embedded development in anything except assembly language (or some other language with assembly's level of abstraction), you're just doing it wrong. Full fucking stop.


Two weeks and counting debugging this fucking live-lock bug with this UART, and Rust's utter inability to cooperate with me when debugging is just straight up infuriating.


@vertigo I recall that the architecture of the PDP-11 was such that it made it fairly easy to write directly in machine codes and without assembly language.
12724 123 -> MOV #123,(R4)+

That was because the codes strictly obeyed a very few rules:)

Yeah, I know, it's old way, it's considered almost indecent now😜

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@yrabbit Working with Rust would be OK if I had a target environment that fully supported a debug-mode build of the binary. But, since this is a small microcontroller with very limited flash, that is just not possible for our current environment.

I'd argue, based on this, that Rust is excellent for application development, or maybe large-scale kernel development. But, it's not ready for deep embedded work yet. It's just doesn't support debugging under such tight constraints.

@vertigo @yrabbit I thought for embedded profiles the debug information was split into a separate file (and not included in the binary). Otherwise this should be fixable with doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/refere

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