Even Beria is said to have loved some animals, not to mention Hitler...

The Council of the District Commissioners is considering a draft resolution "On the regularization of the situation created by the presence of large concentrations of dog-headed monkeys in the city limits..." It is proposed that all monkeys be registered, provided with metal collars and plaques with their own names, and then assigned to institutions and private individuals, who will henceforth be responsible for them!"


Where am I going with this?
"Corruption only in other countries, we have lobbyism" :))

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Reading and watching the literal memes presented as "news" in the #MurdochPress and #legacyMedia only gives these #lobbyIsts and #publicRelations cretins their #power.

Step one is to #stopConsuming their #forcedNews.

#replaceTheNews #OMN

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