I switched to as my primary search engine a long time ago and it's quite good. But there is one thing that pisses me off: it calls up different search engines to search, but as soon as one of them doesn't respond, nothing comes back AT ALL!
And for some fucking reason they don't fix the fucking thing. A conspiracy, no otherwise.

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Mmm I use searx to. Very good I do not have this problem, strange...
Test here

@Alexis_Krier 1.0.0-267-3bcca43a vs my 1.0.0 ...
It works! Thank you! Did they really fix it? Yay!
But why such a strange suffix for the version? It's usually a git commit hash for some version in progress... Hmm, I'll have to look for the same version for myself.

@yrabbit yeah it is not very stable indeed along the time but very usable :)

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