After a few weeks of attending to other matters, and assuming that things go well this weekend, I hope to stream another #VertigoHacks video this-coming Saturday.

Not sure what I'll work on yet, though. Might spend some time on my subroutine-threaded Forth target compiler instead of spending time on the VDC-II font editor application.

Thoughts from the gallery?

@vertigo Whichever is more to your liking, although the font editor is more spectacular:)))

@yrabbit Yeah, but, it's also pretty much feature complete. Only some cosmetic changes to be made, like printing quick-reference information on the screen, or letting the user select the font file to load/save.

If the choice of file for writing/reading will be made by reading the directory and then displaying the list in the dialog box... ;)

@yrabbit Maybe in a future version. The lack of a mouse will make that idea difficult to implement in the near term.

Some day, though!

Oh, I hadn't thought of the mouse. But I remembered how enthusiasts used to add disk drives to amateur computers, which could only communicate with a tape recorder.
The old programs' access to the ROM to read from the tape would be intercepted and the file selection dialog box would appear on the screen:)

(in the video some variant of PDP11, 16K RAM, octal system and assembler)

@yrabbit That's pretty clever, actually. 😏 My particular issue is how to handle navigation in the dialog, because all I have available to me is an ASCII terminal for input. No function keys, no arrows, etc. And I don't want to implement escape sequence interpretation if I can avoid it somehow.

Also, I'll need to manage storage when loading a directory listing for display.


@vertigo Yeah, dynamic memory and strings... It always bothered me when I read the description of some brilliantly simple language/programming approach. I didn't understand why examples like 2 3 + are given when the most telling thing is to insert a character at the beginning of a string?
You can store numbers in registers and add them up with a single assembler command, show me that your language doesn't turn into a horror which flaps in the night by merging two strings.

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