Again I fell into this trap: in order to install FreeBSD, you first need to have FreeBSD installed.

``Some precompiled u-boot are available via ports and packages. For instance, you can simply enter pkg install u-boot-cubieboard...''

Citizens, does anyone have a file from the sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-zero package? 🤣

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@yrabbit Packages are available on i.e.

Directory listing is disabled for the "All" directories, so to "guess" the file name, checkout the port version on freshport and build the file name with "<port-name>-<version>.txz"

Hope this helps!

Thank you. I was already there and swore obscenely when I saw the ban on listing the directory. It just didn't occur to me to go through the options for the package name🙂

I downloaded. It still doesn't work, probably because making a FAT32 (LBA) boot partition was not a good idea🤣

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