It’s not that I lost my sleep because of this, maybe because it never occurred to me to buy anything from Apple🤣

@yrabbit love late stage capitalism, with a choice between a company that’s authoritarian with your hardware and one that takes all your data for its advertising machine

@yrabbit Not a fun of these practices, but I think the title is a bit of clickbaitty. What Apple does is simply refusing to show "battery health status" / clear maintaining notice after you replaced the battery by yourself, it still allows you to use the phone, it doesn't lock any functionality, so it's not particularly harmful.

@niconiconi Yes there is little, but something tells me that this is only the beginning.🙂

@yrabbit @niconiconi then to think it was not so long ago that it was possible to simply replace batteries by popping off the back of a phone and swapping it for a new one

@orionwl @yrabbit Just consider the amount of resources being spent on the Apple Lightning USB cables: a secure microcontroller under NDA fabricated with an active shield and a ROM unreadable under microscopes, an elaborate cryptographic authentication protocol with replay protection and unique IDs, and carefully controlled supply.

All of these, for what? To prevent 3rd-parties from making compatible cables, without creating anything useful, and all paid by customers... 😕

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