I swear I knew this! Somebody told me about this land of dreams not so long ago. I just need to recall🤔

@starbreaker Yes it's beautiful. The sixth part was also fascinating.🤣

@yrabbit I should set up DOS emulation and get a copy. I know Wizardry mainly from the Japanese knock-offs.


@starbreaker Well, there is a dosbox for any OS, and and the distributions are not very large in size:
rabbiti@fly ~/tmp % du -sh ~/dos-games/wiz[67]
3.7M /home/rabbit/dos-games/wiz6
6.6M /home/rabbit/dos-games/wiz7

@starbreaker A quick note about the sound in Wizardry 6 and 7: the guys from Sir Tech used a horrible sound blaster library, this is the case when it is better to choose PC speaker as a sound device. 🤣

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