Every time I watch Bugs Bunny, I always admired how, visually, he was a simple but very effective character.

@Mycroft Forces is the closest 3D Sonic to be close to "more good than bad" in recent memory. The thing that ruined it for me is the sloppy controls. I'm near to the end, and I don't think I even finished it yet.

Sonic Mania, otoh... of course it's great because it doesn't suffer from the 3D line's baggage. It does have its frustrations, though. (I SUCK at those UFO stages, so I got the fake ending.)

It makes me happy to see that CWs enable others to freely talk about the things they want. I'd rather decide what to read than have some diseased corporate entity governed by greed deciding for me.

@Mycroft meanwhile, every time I go back to twitter, even to read a thread, it makes my blood boil and reminds me why I permanently left.

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about 6 weeks using DuckDuckGo exclusively.

I've had to cheat and use !g like 5 times in this entire time.

No, I'm not going back to Google to search. DDG is definitely good enough now.

@Mycroft every time I see one of these posts lamenting pure twitter crossposters, I'm vindicated in my decision to just use Mastodon without any cross-posting.

What killed the idea of cross-posting to twitter was that I was sure none of the CW stuff would work there,

btw it still cracks me up that Chemical Plant's end boss is a game of Puyo Puyo. That never gets old.

Playing Sonic Mania Plus Encore Mode

Coming to the conclusion that Ray is this game's Cape Mario: all I can manage to do is make him dive. I'm clearly deficient since I see others make them fly up.

Just get Tails and Mighty and swap between those. For a game named "SONIC Mania," I play as any other char ;o)

good lord it appears that some automaton spewed all over local

@rinpatch at least you're playing an excellent platformer. ;o)

@Ricardus as someone with employer-provided insurance (which no doubt covers fuck-all because it's the usual bullshit for-profit money grab), I'll settle for having a single-payer health system funded by my tax money redistributed from the defense budget.

(spent 9 years in the military; it's a sick system rife with massive fraud, waste, and abuse.)

@lee4hmz $70. From what little I've read of the docs, it hasn't given away any details of netbooting yet...

(I don't think it has dedicated ROM, so it may require local booting to even talk to the card)

@MatejLach so... now Google can monetize my shell history? Sounds super-duper!

Meanwhile, Ctrl-W will still close the terminal instead of erasing a word. Priorities, I guess...

@Mycroft I'll stand in a pocket line to defend the right for everyone to have pickets on their clothes!

(srsly, what's the deal with only men's clothing allowed to have actual pockets?)

I didn't realize how relatively inexpensive Uthernet II was, so I'm ordering 2 of them. One's going into the Power Tower Platinum IIe (in place of the Grappler with no printer attached), and the other in the Eastern Ass-Kicker IIgs

@thomasfuchs I'm stuck at "what slot can I use the Uthernet II in?" It can't go in slot 3 (Zip GSX is there); can't go in slot 7 (CFFA3000) ... maybe slot 1 if I set that to "Your card" since the ImageWriter's busted...

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