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>Response of "Mine's stuck at 100%"
>Response from help desk of "wait it out; you lose your drive if you power off"

I'd wondered why Windows showed this apparent homage to Homestar Runner. Maybe they know something we don't.

>My laptop updates got stuck at 35%

Windows 10: causing random work stoppages for business as well as consumer

@Saxxon having any extra hardware other than the default stuff in a win98 machine is a delicate affair. ;o)

@dokuja yes, the original Athlon was the first Slot A CPU

(TIL where DEC's Alpha engineers went after DEC. No wonder Athlon was a big improvement -- this team designed it.)

other side note: Epic Pinball theme music is still awesome

@dokuja that's kind of a grey area. There are some (mostly more-proprietary-than-I'd-like) machines that had a sort of "slot" which housed standard CPUs, but the actual Slot-type CPUs, I've never owned

No wonder I don't recall "Pangaea" being in Epic Pinball. It's not only on the later "Epic Pinball 3" pack, but I never bothered to give it a shot! :o(

(and you can tell it's stock because I hadn't even added the extra ball.)

Side note: Enigma is the craziest table ever.

I've been using and repairing PCs for 30 years, and there are several things I've never done:

- owned any mainboard that used a "Slot" CPU (e.g., Slot 1, Slot A). I used Super Socket 7/Socket 462 instead because I also used AMD.

- water cooling (intensely dislike the idea of liquid ingress to my valuable hardware)

- overclocking

Yes, that's right: I've always (intentionally) run all my equipment at the rated speed. (Though I've unwittingly overvolted that poor C64; it miraculously survived)

@maiki this is the same web where it's OK to suggest users pipe a website through a root shell to install things

@nightpool it's great to know that I accidentally picked up a tainted version of the jargon file as one of my first experiences with the internet. :o(

(I've favored Unix because it's the least-shit modern OS)

@thomasfuchs this is what happens when you're a designer with no engineers to bring your lofty goals down a few dozen pegs ;o)

(1.2lb WITH a printer? HP LaserJet shipped in 1984 and weighed at least 50lb bare.)

roses are red
violets are red
red video cable only shoots red

Great... I upgraded my keyboard, and my network started flaking out.

Turns out the two were related.

I had thought things were slow as balls on the internet. Turns out that the link to my computer had been downgraded to 10Mbps.

The USB port I plug the keyboard into is right below the network connector. The network cable won't latch into the network jack. In upgrading the keyboard, I inadvertently downgraded my network by moving the cable ever so slightly. :oP

new keyboard tuned to a nice blue color because it's RGB

(and no stupid Windows-only software that hooks your keyboard to the cloud required to adjust it, either)

@Mycroft I'd much rather have video at the proper aspect ratio with black voids on either side than have the stupid thing stretch it

How do people stand their keyboards flashing these gyrating patterns constantly? That sort of backlighting would drive me nuts every time I looked at the screen (because then, the pattern would be in my peripheral vision, and that's like a billion times worse than viewing it directly.)

>Sears may be declaring bankruptcy Monday
>Sears's creditors: Bank of America, Wells Fargo

Not shedding a tear for either Sears or their banker creditors, frankly. Eddie Lampert has raided this thing and nothing's left.

Chapter 7's too good for what's left. Sadly, the employees and pensioners of the company won't see a dime.

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