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I hate the expectation that, in order to buy a car, I must "negotiate" with a salesman (and it's ALWAYS male for maximum intimidation) who does this shit to people 40 hours per week while I do this once every 10 years.

A car is a depreciating asset. I hate haggling so much that I've made lots of concessions. I think the next car will not be new, but will be whatever vroom had in inventory this week that I think is a reasonable price.

At least SOMEONE still sells cars for a fixed price.

So sick of my wallet destroying my cards that I just now googled "what's a good wallet" :oP

@Mycroft ugh, _Gangbusters_ was otherwise excellent, but Kennedy brought their worst game to that party :o/

I keep forgetting that Mastodon's web experience is not the utter pile of fucking shitty fail that Twitter's is. I should use it more often.

Finally found that cool baseball arcade game I'd play not because I liked baseball, but because I liked all the sounds! (Watch for a bit until he throws a ball :oD )


>Sega Genesis Classics Collection for PS4


>Out May 29


Next, people tend to make poor choices when given the chance to decorate text. While I can't kill CAPS LOCK or loads of exclamation points, I can squelch the heavy use of Comic Sans 36.

But it's mostly because I shouldn't read email in my web browser (and neither should javascript, flash, sites copying my email with XHR) that I demand a mail client that only displays text.

One of the primary reasons email sucks is the allowance of "text/html" with no text/plain part, or worse, something like "Turn on HTML" as the text/plain part.

I display my email as plaintext for a few good reasons: first, because software is generally shit, they reuse a web browser component which was never intended to be used with email. Result: you suddenly run javascript, load remote images, etc. Pretty much anything email should NOT be doing.

@saba "Num Lock" made the number pad keys usable without having to press Fn (of course, this could be annoying if your OS enabled Num Lock on boot...)

This keyboard from a Dell Latitude from 1997 is superior in every way to any keyboard Apple ships with their hardware

1920*1080 is the minimum acceptable resolution for work

Anything less is less productive the smaller the screen.

I like the Extreme way, since it directly depends on you knowing how the underlying concepts work. Cisco is a close second, but only because I've dealt with it for nearly 20 years.

Neither have apparently-superfluous settings like "management networks" and PVIDs.

Extreme has only the concept of tagged and untagged, so you can set up access and trunk ports if you understand how VLANs and 802.1q works

Then I encountered my very first "small business" managed switch. Ohhhhh bruddah. Suddenly, I had to not only watch for tagged vs. untagged, but had to make sure the PVID was properly set

And some others, like this Ubiquiti switch, have a concept of a "management network", so if that's not set properly, you lose connectivty (and any hair left on your head)

I still can't get past the apparent fact that no one can agree on terminology and how managed switching is supposed to work.

I started with Cisco, which has access ports, trunk ports, native VLANs, and 802.1q (dot1q) trunks. (IGNORE ISL.) Basically, your access ports were on a VLAN and no traffic was tagged. Your trunks carried several tagged VLANs and only the native VLAN was untagged.

No explicit mention of tagged, untagged, PVIDs, etc.


uspol, wherein I actually refrain from most namecalling. Most. Show more

So I had this stupid bug in Ubuntu 16.04 where it would suspend as soon as I logged in if I have an external monitor connected. So I fixed it.

Fixing that broke shutdown. Obviously it goes apeshit and just sits there until I unplug the fucking monitor, then it'll shut.


uspol, wherein I actually refrain from most namecalling. Most. Show more

There are a few of us running the LTS before last not because we hate new software, but because we want most of the software to be a known quantity.

I'm just now getting round to updating to the previous LTS, and haven't even tried the current LTS that supposedly shipped last month.

Finally got openstack keystone and glance to at least configure (and the keystone does work; glance requires that)

When it came to neutron, I was confused until I realized my management network was fine as it was. The docs could be clearer in many aspects, but the docs are great as far as open source goes.

Oooooo I lit up another green circle on UniFi controller (which allegedly "requires Chrome" because today's kids never had to learn the lesson IE taught us, which was the whole reason Firefox and Chrome existed to begin with)

Yes, I named the switch "magikarp" ...