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This keyboard from a Dell Latitude from 1997 is superior in every way to any keyboard Apple ships with their hardware

I still can't get past the apparent fact that no one can agree on terminology and how managed switching is supposed to work.

I started with Cisco, which has access ports, trunk ports, native VLANs, and 802.1q (dot1q) trunks. (IGNORE ISL.) Basically, your access ports were on a VLAN and no traffic was tagged. Your trunks carried several tagged VLANs and only the native VLAN was untagged.

No explicit mention of tagged, untagged, PVIDs, etc.


A furnace control board I found in the recycling.

This is what happens when costs are cut. Board's completely conformally coated on the back, but on the front, they tried to skimp and did a rush job. Moisture found every imperfection in this coating and corroded everything. The relays weren't coated at all. (All the terminals CAN'T be coated; that's where you hook stuff up!)

Oh... one of the best parts of using a Hackintosh is this hard drive activity indicator.

A feeble attempt at making Hackintosh from a system I had lying around that just happened to have compliant hardware

today's the day I discover FreePBX/asterisk ring groups

I needed more than one phone to ring when a call came in from vonage. Just slap the wanted extensions into a ring group configured for "ringall", reconfigure the voice port and dial peer on the SIP gateway, and it's done.

The 7960 is no longer gathering dust.

My MacBook Air is compliant enough with UEFI to at least boot memtest86 as \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI

(I hate the excessively glossy screen, even with something that cuts the glare)

"I'm going to generate a man page. It can't be that heavyweight, could it?"

730MB of TeX later...

Ha... totally forgot this hack had finally been done

While I was in the attic, I unearthed this abandoned tech

(yes, the thing is still in the box)

I should have bought an actual keyboard the instant I put this workstation on my kitchen table and started working at home on that. Today, I fixed that problem by buying daskeyboard Prime 13 (brown switches)

The rubberized coating going all sticky on the Logitech should have been the clue-by-4 I needed, but nooooo, cheapskate me was like, "Just use packaging tape; she'll be right!"

AUI to 10baseT transceivers beside a TI-30 from 1978.

The big transceiver is from 1991. The small one's from 1997.

Note that the TI-30 was famous for costing $25 in 1976. The sheer lack of electronics is the reason why. The transceivers probably cost $100 or more 15-20 years later.

Next Windows component for MS to open-source

I slogged through 8GB of shit just to compile this mutant thing

At least it seems to work! (x86 target)

I think Visual Studio 2017 installer is a fork bomb disguised as an installer.

60% CPU just to show a list.

Now what's this stupid thing doing?

I don't think even Windows ME was this frustrating...


This is basically Microsoft's admission that not even Microsoft can automatically update a computer, much less do so properly.

"Hello, sysadmin? Can it please be 1998 in here again?"

# cat "food in cans"
cat: cannot open food in cans