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yakkoj 🦊 @yakkoj

Ahahahaha xscreensaver 5.38 has a new "ransomware" sub-hack to the "bsod" hack. I came back to my desk to see something along the lines of "How do I get my important dick pix back?" before it changed sub-hacks.

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Definitely going to have to make this sub-hack work-safe (unfortunately) mastodon.sdf.org/media/vsgFMjx

@yakkoj Hey! A fellow SDF'er! Gotta love free unix server access. :D

@yakkoj bsod is one of my favorite screen savers.

@yakkoj that screensaver is bad for the heart. Especially when you forget you're running it.

@slacka I hear it. I was running this on a Sun Ultra 60 ages ago, and every time BSOD selected "Solaris," it was so authentic I thought it really crashed.