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yakkoj 🦊 @yakkoj

If you think "works on my machine" is acceptable, you are part of the problem with software. You are probably also a developer, and as such, you give developers a very bad, rude, jerkass name when you do this.

Is there any "developer" out there who tests their whiz-bang app on a crusty laptop from 10 years ago? (Amongst many other things they should be doing, I'm sure...)

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@yakkoj There's a reason why Microsoft used to force their developers to use modest hardware and test on crap: blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldne

(The exception being to make sure things didn't break on hardware that was too capable, of course.)

@yakkoj I DEVELOP on a crusty old laptop :)

@yakkoj All of my test machines at work are hoary old Core 2 machines. Until we decided XP support was no longer worth it, we even had a P4 running that, too.