I wish my desoldering pump had adequate heat near the back. Every 10 solder points or so, this tube gets clogged with solidified solder. I have to use a blowtorch to clear it.

@yakkoj In almost every occurrence, I've found that replacing the phrase "I have to use a blowtorch" with "I GET to use a blowtorch" increases overall enjoyment. FYI.

@xmanmonk I should have had that mindset last week when I was using propane torch to try to unsolder some old plumbing. I had to cut it instead.

@yakkoj Which desoldering pump do you have? I was considering buying a 10€, 40W pump https://is.gd/NkDtmb. It's low end but I rarely need it
@mcscx @yakkoj May do for general purposes, but through-plated wholes might be difficult.

@mcscx @veg05 yes, I have to be careful about getting all the solder cleared or else I end up ripping out the plating

@veg05 @yakkoj I want to remove faulty capacitors from special mainboards – works ok but getting the wholes free after is the tricky part
@mcscx @veg05 @yakkoj If I don't have access to a desoldering tool I'll usually pile solder up on the land and use a flat-tip iron and wick to suck the solder out.

Getting it out of a multi-layer board is pretty difficult, if you're going to be doing it a lot I'd suggest looking online for a cheap vacuum desoldering tool.
@harmlessgryphon that's how I do it, or using the unheated desoldering pump but using iron & pump simultaneously is tricky @yakkoj @veg05
@mcscx @veg05 @yakkoj Yes. The manual pumps are not fun, I was thinking more one of the cheap heated devices that's iron and vacuum pump all in one. They're not the cheapest thing in the work, but if you plan on doing a lot of rework they're indispensable.
@mcscx The 30W unit would probably work for small things, but it looks a bit unwieldy.

I'd probably go with the 100W unit if I was planning on doing a lot of rework, but if it didn't have a power adjustment I'd be a little concerned about destroying boards.
@harmlessgryphon I want to replace electrolyt capacitors in Pentium4 generation Point Of Sale computers. The board sucks up heat quickly
@mcscx A good amount of heat is necessary then...the only downside to the cheap Chinese imports is they seem to have very limited lifespans.
@harmlessgryphon it depends, I have a 1986 HongKong-made cheap Engel-Löter qttr.at/21hj clone still going strong (with some minor repairs)
@mcscx Nice. I'm using stuff I've picked up over the years, my go-to iron is a Weller I bought from a company I used to work for. None of that temperature controlled stuff here.
@harmlessgryphon I have an 1980s ERSA 40W iron but neither the ERSA nor the 60 Engel clone are sufficient to desolder mainboard caps →
@harmlessgryphon →so I bought a <20€ lightweight Chinese temperature controlled 60W iron, and surprise: it's sufficient for desoldering caps
@yakkoj Which desoldering pump do you have? I was considering buying a 10€, 40W pump https://is.gd/NkDtmb but I wonder if it will work

@mcscx I have this Aoyue Int474A++ vacuum desoldering station. Works well if I remember to keep everything clear. mastodon.sdf.org/media/F5y_wbB

@yakkoj Which desoldering pump do you have? I was considering buying a 10€, 40W https://is.gd/g1Erde https://is.gd/NkDtmb but it may be crap
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