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@xxzozaxx @bjargar you got the method right of how they insert the emoji the first time. Only sdf instance doesn't have those custom emoji installed so it was never going to work. You can try copy and paste if the emoji exists as Unicode character, or use one of the base Mastodon emoji sdf supports but that doesn't include Debian, Emacs et al.

My new home media server from TrueNAS runs Free Software out of the box and is legit beautiful.

1. Click link
2. It's medium.com
3. Close tab

Just managed to access my VPS on the new server, after being trolled by my ISP's DNS.

Thank you so much @SDF, everything is much faster and smoother now!

Text editors should work offline, save locally and save in non binary to make files easier to manage.

Yes, but what if not.

these are the only operating systems that exist. what is your favorite operating system

(boosts good)

I normally recommend gratiutously reading the source code to learn how things work.

But, let me clarify something. If you found the source code on gnu.org, you should probably find a different implementation to read.

@robby please, please, please do not use GNU C to learn how to write C. PLEASE

Unix: everything is a file
X11: who needs files when you have windows
Plan 9: no seriously, EVERYTHING is a file

I'm too old to unlearn Emacs, no matter if the latest cool kid on the block is called sub-someting, particle or bad code.

The interesting thing in this article boils down to one chart, showing how VS Code eats the market of other editors but vim and Emacs are stable. Just weird that "editors" like Visual Studio, IntelliJ or Eclipse are not even looked at, so I doubt that this is giving any meaningful insight.


#emacs #vim #vscode

So when is someone writing a gemini -> mastodon portal

On my personal projects I try to keep my commits like, 10-20 lines long cause it helps keep me focused, and I kinda feel like I'm polluting the git history with it

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