This electron app downloads its own copy of 7zip for build. Wtf?

me: cd ~/devel/hs/ghc; nix-shell
nix: starts downloading and building texlive packages

do you like and want to participate in the SDF plan9 ?? let us know. There are plenty of slots open and a is waiting for you

is there any simple version of language, I feel like it's ++ alternative instead of . why not just Rust with `defer` statement -yes manual mem management- instead of it's complex mem management.

Hey #plan9 people, I notice that what Unix called connect(), Plan9 calls dial():

Any idea why the function was renamed relative to Unix?

Manpage has nothing on this. The source (src/lib9/dial.c) too. VCS repo ( has dial() in the very first commit, dated December 2002.

Asking because I saw a call to net.Dial in some Go program, and wondered about the rename. I assume #Golang inherited that from Plan9.

#Poll - What is your favourite #IRC network?

If I have missed one, let me know. Please #boost

I really enjoy finding FOSS alternatives to handy apps. I usually travel light and never carry store cards around.. tried Google Pay's storecard thingy but not a huge fan of feeding them more data so trying out Loyalty Card Keychain from F-droid. So far so good!

project #idea: a #Forth-like language compiled to JVM bytecode

JVM itself is a stack machine, so... :blobfoxsmirk:

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
______/ \-. ||
.-/ ( o\_//
| ___ \_/\---'
|_|| |_||

"The asteroid to kill this dinosaur is still in orbit"

doing #C with #plan9ports is waaaaaaaaay better than doing it with the #posix libc stuff

Also!!! 9c and 9l take care of dependency resolution!!!

I see a trend of getting rid of CSS, going with minimum to no javascript and I'm tempted to try it!

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