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@hope Had someone in the office (years ago) taking large handfuls of candy from my dish, so I put fish-flavored candy in one day. Turns out, dude liked fish-flavored candy. Prank backfired. :(

everyday racism, valentine's day edition 

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What do you peeps use for music on the go?
Boosts ok and wanted.

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@ablackcatstail Well, that just means the right one is waiting down the line, right? :) Hopefully...

@snowdusk_ Good choices. One for flavor, and one to pretend it's healthy :)

@snowdusk_ Every day is cookie day. Wait...no, that was ice cream day. Never mind.

@ablackcatstail No. They were looking for someone experienced in repairing cell phones :) Not me.

@Bashabez Let's hope. Although, I did like Jojo Rabbit as well.

@Shufei Indeed! More limes for the sancho! And for the sancha, since that's only fair.

@Shufei No worries. Essentially, "the other man." It's in common use here in LA.

@Shufei Are you aware of the colloquial meaning of "sancho"?

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