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Hello! I’m Kogawa, from japan. I’m trying out mastodon.
My interest is mainly Animation staging.
I do illustration a little too.
I don’t speak english that good(I don’t write too), but I can understand basic english.
Since my native tongue is Japanese.
I’m not talkative, and I’m don’t do SNS full time, but I’m looking forward to get inspired!

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Someone hire me. This is not a bit. If you or someone you know is looking for a DevOps engineer / Programmer / Security Professional, I have a degree and a year of real life work experience. I need a job desperately rn so if you have any work please send it my way

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Kids these days will never know the hardships of having to overcook a fresh hard boiled egg yolk for the computer mouse. Every week you needed a fresh one, and it was super hard to perfect.

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Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me as your DJ/host on aNONradio.net 🚀

Coming up next at 01:00 UTC/9PM EDT just right after DJ hardmous!

To tune in, go to:

anonradio.net/listen 👾

@djsundog Used to have a friend who worked for Atlantic Records, and he used to send me CDs that were being disposed of, promos of things that no one wanted. Like the Berlin Philharmonic cello section playing Beatles tunes (it was titled "Cello Submarine"). Got some great stuff from that.

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Help me choose Bronzie Beat’s next theme for a 30 minute Open Mic DJ set

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In future years I think we should keep the "essential worker" term. It really messes with the usual middle class narratives about who is important in the economy.

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Bronzie Beat 94.1

My set on Open Mic at anonradio.net on 22 May 2020 -- a 30-minute musical trip into the USSR and beyond...

Track List

• На заре - Alyans
• Белая ночь - Форум
• Робин гуд - CarMan
• Судно (Борис Рижий) - Молчат Дома
• По краю остова - Ploho & Молчат Дома
• Космические Сны - Alayans

Come visit us for live sets and performances; of course, SDFers and crew will be hanging in SDF com and IRC

Бронзы Бить 94.1

Stream on Soundclöwn at:

@feoh Unfortunately, that sounds rather typical of the Americans. And yes, the Canadians do tend to be very polite, which is a good thing!

$90 for 90 pills to help me pee. It's like having a pay toilet in the house. Sheesh.

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Any ban the IP address 5.188.210.* from creating new accounts? The IP address appears dedicated to drug spammers.

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