Hi! I've decided to bring @willow@scholar.social back to the Pacific Northwest along with my other accounts.

This is a dedicated account to update on my path toward the M.Div. and all the work that goes into it, plus some random topics at the nexus of current topics and theology.

My research interests: history of female leadership and evolution of its theology and praxis in the U.S.

@willow You're working on your M.Div? Congrats. That's tough work. I'm an ordained monk (with the evil Catholics).

@xmanmonk are you a gyrovague? Asking only because I just now learned of this word, and wish it were an acceptable Scrabble word, and it's been used to describe a certain type of monk.


@cosullivan Interesting that you would mention that word. My first published book, "A Way in the Wilderness," is a commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict, a manuscript on the way monks live in community. He uses that word in the beginning of The Rule, mentioning that there are "four kinds of monks."

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