Someone just posted on another social network that Bladerunner is set in November of 2019, which starts tomorrow. Interesting.

@xmanmonk Thanks xman - I kept thinking they were promoting a new bladerunner movie.

@gemlog @xmanmonk Are you admitting to the crime of not watching enough times to recognise every frame 😃

@pithi @xmanmonk
Well, after admitting that I've never seen Hackers even once... Yep! Easy! :-)
I will admit to having watched Bladerunner more than 3 times though.
Mind you the number of The Princess Bride showings and I are things of legend. My kids aren't entirely responsible for that number either.

@gemlog @xmanmonk I think Hackers is one of those things you had to be in the target audience when it was released to be hooked. IMO Bladerunner in it's later revisions is a much better movie.

The Princess Bride I've only seen the once and can't remember. 😊

@pithi @gemlog Bladerunner is art. PB is comedy. Both are brilliant in their own ways.

@gemlog @pithi Well PB was an awesome film, so that's well understood.

@pithi @gemlog Not quite every frame. But I do have digital copies of 2 versions on my hard drive at the moment. That should count for something.

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