I should be fair when I criticize. Forestry is the silent partner of a Wildland Firefighter's world.

There is a grain of truth in it when ppl say that megafires eclipse public understanding of other critical factors that increase danger.

I won't compete with the vast ocean of knowledge available. I have my own views. I spent high school summers in the Santa Cruz mountains and lived next to The Forest of Nisene Marks. There's nothing like hugging a warm comfortably fuzzy redwood.

There's a lot of talk about how public media needs to be made a partner in transparency. I prefer agencies develop their own integrated public information offices.

Let them run their own instances.

There's no intrinsic need for a private filter between a department and the people they serve and insofar that mutual aid is at the table, there's no need for private filters between the agencies, or public access.

There is a lot of namespace and room for business outside of that, as we all know.

One could list a dozen or more data portals offering various features and packages. In , there is a foundation most all of it is laid upon, and that is public access to the work product of the public agency.

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