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What glories are sung of Providence, and in the end, it's animal feed.

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Glossary of Wildland Fire, PMS 205 Practical

This is a publicly available datastore I've set up on with a starter dataset package, including; an export of the graph, and a Turtle file export of the Inciweb RSS feed:

Notwithstanding a requirement to login for to open the query editor, the entity page is here:

Unbelievable, really, how long the rogue and I took to take that pally down, but that's how lopsided the playing field was. The Alliance pretty much wiped the floor with the Horde at Nazjatar, so there's that. A mighty army of the Alliance was Nazj. I think the Alliance also had a winning record at Seething Shore.

Call To Arms was just too much fun to keep score. I think we did all right. I got the Horde Slayer title. That was the prize.

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I used to play WoW a lot during rec time. I'm not ready to go there, yet, but this is a video I made while I was playing. doesnt appear to be responding, here's the YT link.

Frost Knight Sheelia PVP, Dalaran Interlude to a rare acoustic "Moon Over Bourbon Street" & a drop at Seething Shore to a New Order-Depeche Mode-Camouflage remix.

Remember The Tree

I think moderate liberalism is the art of recognizing that there is a case of missing fish, and being able to talk about it, but also asserting and defending that this isn't confessing to taking them or owing for their absence.

In this, is The First Amendment of The Constitution Of The United States of America.

I mean, who needs law and democracy when you have conversion, amirite! ROTFL

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Uh Oh, Wagging Tongues For Humility on the scene.

Lessons Learned - Remembering The Honda Canyon Fire of 1977

Col. Joseph Turner
Fire Chief Billy Bell
Assistant Chief Eugene Cooper
Fire Bulldozer Operator Clarence McCauley

Died fighting the Honda Canyon Fire on Dec. 20, 1977.

Too many to ring one bell for each, we rang one for all.

First Annual US National Wildland Firefighter Day

"On July 2, for National Wildland Firefighter Day we show appreciation and recognize the hard work and dedication of every wildland fire responder. Thank you also to the supporting families and friends of wildland fire responders who make it possible for responders to be away for weeks or months at a time."

Except to say that the Republicans reading this and committing the 'multiply few by ten' error are also in for a rude surprise.

You don't attempt to deny the suffrage of five states without permanent consequences.

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This is, truly, one of the benefits of having such huge majorities in CA. We can afford to can a few asses to improve the behavior without losing core stuff.

I'll sit down now.

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It's an unfortunate liability that the GOP has been so epically criminal for the last five years that *some* Dems now believe they are on Easy Street. They will discover that this is not true in November.

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I'd trade Scott Weiner for Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney in a hot second. (Kinzinger first)

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