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I got around to putting on an "old" 2015 Fire tablet. 🔥 Much better. Prolly use it for music or as a control panel/display for something in the lab.

m0ar here:



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If anyone is looking to buy Palm stuff, I bought my m500 and accessories from and can highly recommend them. Everything I got was in pristine condition. The m500 came with the battery replaced, and the screen looked brand new (not a single scratch or anything).

Definitely a bit more expensive than most eBay listings, but still pretty cheap, definitely worth it for the guaranteed quality. Looks like everything also comes with a 3 month warranty.

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RT @daedalus2097
Finally finished this custom 1200 build - White Re1200 motherboad, translucent case, Solas RGB LED controller, mini Gotek with keyboard & OSD, Kickstart 3.1/3.2 switch. @buttstuf @claudiom

Looks like Florida USA to me.

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Welcome the newest PDP-10 running TOPS-20 to the internet! An XKL Darkstar for

"TOPS-20: A great improvement over its successors" - MRC

The machines are named KANKAN and RANRAN in honor of 🐼 dist.

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The key thing for me was making appropriate workflows in how I use the I do a lot of typing on the go and in cafes for personal journaling and phosts, so the hardware keyboard was indespensable and also the crowdfunding discount for the wifi version was on point.
I use mine mostly as a portable hand terminal/Linux desktop(Debian and kali via UserLAnd. termux is used as well) No Google login and the few apps I use are via f-droid or sideloaded. At home I use a full sized keyboard, mouse, ethernet, and monitor for full desktop experience. Personal Info Management (PIM) is via local nextcloud server/Davx5 and syncthing (mostly for vimwiki and files that don't play well with nextcloud. Also use TrackerControl to manage app traffic.

@dctrud_ Really? Man, I should dust off the Ultra10 and see if I can get it running again. What box is that, BTW?

@dctrud_ @claudiom Is that with the OpenBSD of then or of now? @kelbot
Yes, you are correct! That is a Gemini, which I still use daily. @kelbot
Nice thing with the Dana is that I can plug it into a Raspberry Pi or other computer and use it as a keyboard while it charges via the USB port.

Sorry, gemlog, I'm not familiar with that phrase. My tagalog is really poor, but I'd like to find out as well!


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