Sonim XP5700, though it is only partially dumb. It runs a minimal custom Android. There is also the Punkt phone, if Android is a concern.

I use my Gemini PDA daily and really enjoy it! I have the wifi only version and use either Debian in or . I use my dumbphone as a data gateway when mobile. I have not attempted flashing a diff OS since userLAnd and termux seems to be good enuff. No keyboard back light :/ I don't use too many apps, but use f-droid or yalp if I need to.
My gopher page with some of my experiences here: gopher://sdf.org/1/users/xiled


I share this as well. Not just ROMs, but even hardware, other software, other media, etc. Overwhelmed by artifacts of consumption to the point of failing to consume. I need a time stretcher...or maybe get rid of some of these artifacts.

Somebody's gotta bring balance to the force. Doyle rawks!

@salixlucida Lawson's?! Man, I haven't hear of 's since the 80's I remember Lawson's growing up in Ohio! How did they end up in Nihon...just checked. Looks like they have been there since the late 70's and haven't been State-side since 1985...except Hawaii in 2012...
Now they're doing late-nite, unmanned self-service?! I could see this happening in Nihon, not in Ohio. A perfect late-nite opportunity for bored teenagers to engage in tomfoolery...let's pen-test the Lawson's!

@kelbot @StuC @priryo @architect

No here with and , but still do not trust. Also use -ui launcher. Does Google still get data from apps like , or ? ⁉️

I've been meaning to write something about it for some time now. I end up using it as a writing device or tinkering with it rather than writing about the device itself. I've had the (WiFi edition) for 9 months or so now and have it as part of my every day carry . I'll phlog about it next chance I get.

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Thinly Veiled Hostility is on the air!

Come join the


irc.sdf.org or on "com" @ sdf.org


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Exodus Privacy is a fantastic tool to examine what trackers an Android application has:


If you really need to use an app that is tracker-laden, then Blokada is your friend:


#privacy #android

❓ After spending most of the afternoon doing backups and reading about reflashing the , I have decided to postpone and try out . Anybody try this out yet on any device? Any thoughts?

@starbreaker bots? I'm not really sure what kind of automation I would need for mastodon. Something to think about tho.

Testing out the mastodon CLI client. So far, good enough. The curses interface is cool, but view only. Anybody else use CLI for mastodon or have any recommendations

Thanks, @ebarrett, I'll have to check it out!
re: ebooks, here's some info:
Method 2 still works for me with my old version of calibre. I have not tried the others.

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