🎙️ Here is a DIY tin can microphone I put together. phost here:


🎶 You can hear what it sounds like in my rendition of Moon River. Tin can mic is on vox and harmonica.


My t-shirt is old enough to drink. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 😐

Crucial home network hardware consolidation and VLAN segmentation complete!

Family: ASLEEP!
Coffee: CHECK!
Snacks: CHECK!
Zero Gravity Chair: CHECK!
SimStim Deck: ACTIVE!
Blipvert Barrier: ENABLED!
Friday Night Midnight Movie: E N G A G E ! ! !

I got this cigarette case sometime back and never knew what the writing said. Anybody know?

Tonight"s quick project...a gift from my pal. Stoked to explore this device!

Assembling while listening to on . @cosullivan is currently streaming.

Repurposing styrofoam. Poured another ingot from the packing material of my son's bed. Used d-limonene. Amazed at how much styrofoam is dissolved for so little goop. Better than adding the bulk to the landfill. Gonna use it for casting.

Good info here:


Next project is inspired by Chairman tob and the Dubious Goals Committee! @SDF

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