Got around to messing with Circuit Playground from Radio Shack's fire sale. Moar blinken lights for the disco inferno in the garage. Goes well with :D

My listening station in the garage. I was able to catch some of DJ @hardmous and @snowdusk_ 's shows. Turned on the disco inferno lights, but it was still a bit early and light outside. Thanks for the tunage, guys!

Took some time out to play me some Legend of Kage and Terra Cresta on my tabletop rig (old clock with 7" screen, 3b, and nespi case+. Switched to joystick after hand started to hurt.

Cellphone Sanitization Sunday...treated the family's cellphones with UV earlier today.

Moar upgrades for tachikoma . My friends say it looks like a bomb with the wires and the blinken lights. Battery life has exceeded 10 hours of runtime (3800mah, with spare port for 2nd battery.)

+ DS3231 Hardware clock
+ Qi wireless charger receiver
+ New (repurposed) case

Picked up a new case for with the Amazon cards from xmas. This was meant to be assembled after my on call shift ended, but couldn't wait. Now I can just play during my 5-day weekend, w00t!
This is the Retroflag GPi case running on a .

I've been messing with tachikoma tonight. Changed the case and added UPS. Moar bulk, but ok for now. Connected to via bluetooth.

Finally got around to fixing the stitching for the EL wire on my cybah hoodie with invisible thread. Now I'm ready for cooler weather and better night-time visibility during my walks...or at the arcade.

EZ Cybah Deck!
Cobbled this together this evening. Gen 5 fire tablet, USB female to USB micro to chinese cybah keyboard. Running t-ui launcher, termux, and debian in userLAnd. Keyboard is powered by tablet and has funky LEDs.

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