Good afternoon fellow PDA-interested weirdos. I wanna see the PDAs you recently acquired and/or dug out of your closet. What you got? #PalmOS #PDA

@mathiasx @kelbot
Yes, you are correct! That is a Gemini, which I still use daily.

@xiled @kelbot I’m curious, what do you use it for?

I’ve got mine in a box. The slightly out of date Android (and the fact that I don’t use Android) and not learning the keyboard meant I never really used mine.


I use mine mostly as a portable hand terminal/Linux desktop(Debian and kali via UserLAnd. termux is used as well) No Google login and the few apps I use are via f-droid or sideloaded. At home I use a full sized keyboard, mouse, ethernet, and monitor for full desktop experience. Personal Info Management (PIM) is via local nextcloud server/Davx5 and syncthing (mostly for vimwiki and files that don't play well with nextcloud. Also use TrackerControl to manage app traffic.

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