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actually strongly considering a Windows (/ Linux) laptop simply because current Mac offerings (besides the 16") are hot trash

lord help me i’m looking at physical GBA carts on eBay

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Commute thought: SUV/truck owners are automotive Preppers

Buying a replacement GBA SP battery, a totally normal thing to be doing in The Year of Our Lord 2020

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Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

Picked up Akira on DVD at a nearby thrift store finally!

Real talk: I found the Dio/Jonathan “rivalry” in the first ep of JoJo’s so uncomfortable and so close to psychological torture-porn that I can’t make myself watch the show.

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Bought The Witcher III on sale and I’m positive I’ll never finish it because I literally cannot read a single UI element on my 60” television.

Apparently it’s my Twitter anniversary. Thirteen years of trash.

Love to be getting sick for the second time in a month!

Today’s status: making new coffee directly into the cup dregs of yesterday evening’s coffee

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