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mental health 

Really not feeling it this week. Selling/buying a house on top of all the usual crap has broken my brain's back.

Pumping Mr. Mister through the sound system to try to cool down...

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This, from RPS, showing the amount of money and machine power thrown at upscaling and improving videogames for the smallest gains possible is sending me.

Like, I get it, we've fucked it and the exponential increases in money and labour needed to really make a huge difference now is biting - not just at the big box game level either - but still. What a colossal waste.

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A hamster has been trading cryptocurrencies in a cage rigged to automatically buy and sell tokens since June - and it's currently outperforming the S&P 500. 😂

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1995: installing a program on your computer
2025: crimeloading "dark apps" onto your phone

my favorite part of having a nest thermostat is when it arbitrarily decides that I do want to be sweaty, actually

1000% fuck the last few maps of Quake Epsiode 4 🤬

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All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

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Had an extremely crazy weekend preparing the house for viewing, having a boatload of viewings, having an open house, and watching a movie at home with the wife for our anniversary. We put off any real celebration until the house stuff is done 😅

Really want to just chill and finish Ep 4 of Quake tonight...

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I am grateful for all the ways in which plants sustain, nourish and comfort me. 🌱 🙏🏻 🖤

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john romero, unlike most other well known id alumni, continually manages to avoid being problematic, and i am very happy about it

I was asked in a group chat what my top three songs over ten minutes are. Here you all go:

Sleeping In Traffic by Beardfish
Learning to Live by Dream Theater
Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres by Rush

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I was [today] years old when I discovered I can skip most of the Dismal Oubliette with an early rocket jump 😅

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I'm kind of annoyed that "self-care" has become conflated with "treat yourself". Yes, sometimes treating yourself can be an act of self care

But most of prioritizing self care is meeting your core needs. It's telling yourself it's ok to take time to eat a healthy meal or take a shower. It's making sure you put the things you need to be healthy at a higher priority

The whole "self care is luxuries" captialist takeover of an important mental health concept just chaps me

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