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Son was up every hour or so last night… going to be an EXTRA C O F F E E morning to keep up with all my meetings 😴

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Yes - "The Gates of Delirium"

The last part of the song brought me to tears in my solitude.

Found out that I missed a set of free CRT TVs for pickup in the neighborhood yesterday. It rained overnight 🥲

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Sunburn status: we have reached The Big Itch. Kill me.

Big changes afoot:

I’m switching from coffee to tea.

Please bear with us in this time of uncertainty.

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Best part of hitting our out-of-pocket maximum: free ER visits!!!

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Message from #MBR

Hello everyone.

Just a reminder to let you know that my album of video games cover songs “WAREZ” is available for free download on

The package currently include 40 cover songs of the following video games.

C:\WAREZ\>DIR After Burner Alone In The Dark Altered Beast Another World Battletoads Castlevania - Bloody Tears Castlevania - Vampire Killer Command & Conquer Contra Doom 2 Doom Double Dragon Duke Nukem Dune 2 Dune Flashback F-Zero Ghosts 'n Goblins Golden Axe Hero Quest Loom Mega Man 2 Monkey Island Ninja Gaiden Ocean Loaders Out Run Rambo First Blood Part II Shadow Of The Beast Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Street Fighter 2 Super Metroid Supremacy Syndicate System Shock Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Legend Of Zelda Turrican Ufo Ultima Zak McKracken


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Web browsers are the worst software on my computer and somehow we've decided they should be the only software

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Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.


Paying the Taco Bell Tax this morning...

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Reminiscing fondly on the days where it seemed sensible to delineate time into discrete periods, before all of life blurred into one long accretion of sorrows and inconveniences

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