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Refreshing the order status page multiple times per hour waiting for my computer to ship 😥

Kicking back and playing some NES games with the kids today.

Not many hold up, but the ones that do most certainly do.

current status: watching my shithead cat attempt to get herself stuck behind various appliances

Weird, I don’t FEEL very Super today.

First time through SMB3! Hardcore abusing the rewind and save point features...

The kids are sleeping in enough now that I can set my alarm forwards fifteen whole minutes. This feels like a major life achievement.

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How was Sauron able to sense the use and presence of the One Ring?

A Tolkien Ring Network.

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Infinite scrolling became an invisible standard early enough that it dodged the "engagement vs. actual user value" discourse, but it's absolutely an optimize-for-engagement thing. No page breaks means no intuitive place to stop reading, so people stay on your web site.

I have exactly one recurring dream, and it’s about scouring an abandoned/foreclosed house for boxes of old video game cartridges. I think this says a lot about me.

actually strongly considering a Windows (/ Linux) laptop simply because current Mac offerings (besides the 16") are hot trash

lord help me i’m looking at physical GBA carts on eBay

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Commute thought: SUV/truck owners are automotive Preppers

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