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@publius @joeo10 I can’t. I don’t see a road from here to that future on the course that these folks’ companies are helping chart. There are uncountable ways their wealth can be focused on problems that exist right now, not 400 years from now.

Pupdate: time can now be subdivided into “pup is sleeping” and “pup is pissing somewhere” categories

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hell site 

frankly ill-advised to have a twitter account but not a therapist, really

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a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

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@publius “just” kidney stones, so merely a matter of time…

Monday already extremely Monday so far due to an ER trip 😟

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computer-generated "recipes" that I made as an example in the workshop I'm teaching. the instructions are composed of random transitive verbs plus random direct objects from Bob Brown's _The Complete Book of Cheese_ gutenberg.org/ebooks/14293

putting in my headphones at work is actually a magic spell to get someone to come to my desk to talk to me immediately

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Wait, the maintainer of the Tenacity fork was Doxxed and physically attacked?

Scrolling through photos from over a decade ago sure is a weird way to start the morning.

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Black metal and other darkness label Les Acteurs de l'Ombre is offering all their catalogue as name-your-price today on Bandcamp, enjoy: ladlo.bandcamp.com

I do not have the mental energy to finish out this work week 😞

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I think the most uncomfortable thing about dealing with Gamers™ and all the crap people are making for them, is how it's just the antithesis to hacker culture

People who define their entire identities by consumption, pride themselves on who can spend the most, consume the most, like kids on a playground waving their shiny toys about

All while worshipping and vigorously defending every whim of the corporations whose underpaid workers produced it, and fight holy wars in the name of brand loyalty

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