Space used to be something of wonder and exploration.
Now it’s been completely tainted by NASA being basically a subsidiary of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Dick Branson & Jeff Bezos turning it into a playground for the rich as a someday one-way ticket to get out of Earth.
Sad we allowed this to happen.


NASA buying launch services means those services are available to others who might want to do something interesting with them. You could never buy a Saturn V launch, never really buy a Shuttle launch, but you can certainly buy a Falcon 9 launch with a Crew Dragon on top.

The O'Neill future awaits us. Frankly, it's been waiting too long. If this is the path that leads there, I can cope.


@publius @joeo10 I can’t. I don’t see a road from here to that future on the course that these folks’ companies are helping chart. There are uncountable ways their wealth can be focused on problems that exist right now, not 400 years from now.

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