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The Tiger
By Nael, age 6

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

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Developers being afraid of the command line is a scary thought

Every Pokémon game pretends like it’s the first one anyone has ever played and half the NPCs in the whole game waste your time with basic “Pokémon sure are fun!” platitudes or “hey do you know what a Potion does?” baby talk

Here I am in a work telecon when I should very plainly be playing Shin Megami Tensei V instead 🙃

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In anticipation of the release of Outcast 2 GOG is giving away the enhanced version of the original Outcast (which also includes the original version as a bonus download):

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My daughter’s Christmas list is 100% manga and video games. I’m so proud 😁

Migraine led me home from work. Sitting in the office with Bill Evans on (and after some medicine), things are going more smoothly 😎

Listening to Tatsuro Yamashita during breakfast:

Daughter: “This sounds like he wrote it at sunset on the beach!”

Yes… yes it does 😌

Nothing starts the day like stepping in a big hot puddle of dog piss!

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An artist:

1. bought an Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.
2. made 999 high-quality forgeries.
3. shuffled them.
4. sold each of the 1000 drawings for $250.

You might get the original $20,000 Warhol, but you’ll never know. This hurts my brain and I'm loving it!

It's a reasonable price for common art. No lottery. Nobody is ripped off. The artist profits hugely, yet gives away a unique item far below market value, but its receiver won't know.

It challenges our value system in very Warhol-way.

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