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February sees me hosting at least four Creative Commons music/art/game/film/literary events, starting with the concert at The Chapel in Wallingford on Groundhog Day.

Time to start some fundraisers, I think.

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Also, need to start some other @theseattlestar business, like interviewing Pete Cogle, @craigmaloney and some other folks about their Creative Commons endeavors.

All this and tea time, too.

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long excerpt from page on copyright extension and the public domain Show more

Seriously, though: I'm all love. Truly.

Just wait: one day you'll really get to see what I'm like when I'm cranky.

"All that is well said, but let us cultivate our garden."

"Qualified" on the other hand means you can type 240 wpm, are proficient in 10-key, program in C++, Java, PASCAL, Scheme, VisualBASIC, Haskell, FORTRAN, SQL, and what the hell a little Algol, too, while also being a certified network engineer who is able to pull espresso for the crew, bake artisan rolls with no recipe, and spray for roaches while you're down in Storage B.

For $12/hr.

The rub, of course, is that the same employer considers other people "overqualified."

The problem is that these are code words. Such employers really want someone who is young and malleable and won't ask for sufficient salary or a union or other such trivial things -- thus the euphemism "overqualified."

Fifth graders aren't "qualified" to do algebra, nor are the particularly qualified to discuss English syntax and grammar. And yet they learn. Almost as if being "qualified" were irrelevant.

One of my friends was bummed that a prospective employer told him he wasn't "qualified." I suggested that he ask that employer whether or not he says the same thing to his children.

Do I need three instances of GNU Social? Of course I do.

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