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I try to apply the Vitruvian principles of good architecture to the things I create, whether that's code or an essay. The principles are:

* Firmitas (strength): is the code well structured? Does the essay address a point in a relevant and structured fashion?

* Utilitas (functionality): Does this solve a problem or scratch an itch? Am I writing three lines of code/text for something that could be done with a one liner?

* Venustas (beauty): do all the parts cohere into a harmonious whole?

Since it was surprising to me that 127.257 and 2130706433 are pingable addresses, I wrote up my findings and a short explanations for people unfamiliar with how IPv4 addresses look under the hood:

This is partly why I follow a simple heuristic: there is a fair chance that everything coming after a 'but' is a rationalization. It's a plea for being excused on the basis of one's shortcomings or disabilities.

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I have the intuition that the mind privileges negative emotion, as it is desperately trying to preserve the organism until it reproduces and the genetic information moves on to a more 'suitable' vessel. From a subjective point of view, this shouldn't be hard to investigate: all we need to do is pay attention to how often we remember a slight or a warning as opposed to happy moments.

Complaining allows us a small measure of satisfaction with very little risk.

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Complaining is an expression of learned helplessness; it's a maladaptive way of getting what the organism truly needs: security through solidarity, and a sense of control over the surrounding environment. It's the illusion of addressing a problem in the most economical way possible, as it seemingly provides an escape valve from a situation perceived as negative.

Lately, I've been learning that action, even the smallest steps towards a desired outcome, are the solution.


I'm willtochaos, and despite the provocatively entropic name, I enjoy sensible order. I like asking questions and challenging assumptions, and some of my greatest achievements are avoiding 1) confinement to a mental health institution; 2) drinking hemlock. I'll make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am interested in , , , , & creating beautiful and functional things on a computer. Perpetually curious.

This is very public, but not new. All of these companies routinely sell user's genetic data. Their security policies are not made public or auditable. Even if you're okay with your genetic data going to big pharma, there's no way to tell how safe they're keeping that data from bad actors.

I am willtochaos, and despite the unsettling name I enjoy and promote sensible order. I like to ask questions and challenge assumptions in a rather annoying and socratic manner. To date, no one has offered me hemlock, so I figure I'll just keep doing it. Will make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am new to SDF, and am planning to run a gopherhole containing works of classical philosophy in the public domain.

My other account is at .

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko